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For today's blog post I'll be doing my review of CTP Blueprint. Now CTP Blueprint is owned by one of Click Track Profit's top members @elianaicgomes. What she has done is take click track profit and has broken it down into a blueprint so to speak. So that members of CTP can better understand it. And also know what they should be doing on a daily basis
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Now I did my Review using a screen recorder Called BB Flashback Pro. Please watch my review and let me know what you think oh one thing before you do that check out CTP Blueprint Now on to the review


Great review @scottrohn. This will help others know what is available and what a great job @elianaicgomes did. Well done.

Great job 👍

Thank You Bradley and thank you also for reposting it

My pleasure 😁

Great review Scott, covered everything in this new amazing site. I also agree with your recommendation it would be nice to have a link to move on to the next step. Your quick fix for it is on point.

Thanks for the comment Mike. Yes I have to agree CTP Blueprint is an Awesome site

My first review ever!
Thank you so much!
And I like that suggestion! I do understand what you mean and I will try to add that feature soon!
I appreciate any feedback that is given!
That will help me grow and improve as I go :)

Well I'm glad I could be the first. and thank you for the repost

This is a great review of CTP Blueprint Scott. Thanks for sharing

Thank You Damon yes CTP Blueprint is an awesome site and i know it's only going to get better

Great review Scott and reviews are really a smart move for content. If you could review tl2ivm Scott I would certain be eager to read it! :) #massivesuccess

Great review, Scott! Let's try to push it up for better visibility!

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