#3StepsNoExcuses Day 8 - You control the traffic, young padawan.

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Welcome to Day 8 of the #3StepsNoExcuses journey with me, Rob Willmann.

**Day 8! Wow! Congrats on making it this far. **

It's an excellent accomplishment that you've kept the pace up and made it to this point. Kudos to you. Remember, you don't have to focus on tomorrow, just today.

If you're not familiar with this journey, be sure to check out Day 1 where I go over the whole process.

Here's what you can expect in my daily updates:

  • A short list of the three steps,
  • My results and thoughts about each step.
  • A link to my 3Steps Today email course funnel so I can grow my list. (I am a marketer after all.)
  • Current amount of CTP, Hive, PoB, Leo the @threesteps account owns.

Let's go!

Your 3 Steps for Day 8 of #3StepsNoExcuses

  1. Watch the CTP Training Video "The Two B's"
    1. Use "Pull" mentality on ListNerds.
  2. Watch Plus 1 Success video, "Content Creation" then comment on or write a blog post.


1. Watch the CTP Training Video "The Two B's"

Login to Click Track Profit, and locate the "Click!" section and find the video called "The Two B's"
Literally it's as easy as this:

Your journey at CTP should be focused on:

  1. Building your mailing list
  2. Building your personal brand

Watch today's video and think about how you can build your list and brand. I especially like the callout that the ROI on email marketing is some of the best around. Use what works best and maximize your use of your time.

I don't need to be wordy on this one, today. It's obvious.

Time for List Nerds!


2. Use "Pull" Mentality on ListNerds.

Jon gives us some great ways to use a 'pull methodology'. Attract subscribers by highlighting:

  • Your blogs,
  • Social media and
  • Content marketing initiatives.

This isn't the time to hard sell. Instead, you're wanting people to come see your posts on social media, Hive, your own blog, etc.

This doesn't happen by pushing your list on people. That's something all of us have to work on.

After you've reviewed your emails and thought about ways to pull people toward you, check out Plus 1 Success.


3. Watch Plus 1 Success video, "Content Creation" then comment on or write a blog post.

Login to Plus 1 Success, and check out the video for day 8:
"Content Creation"

I really enjoy how the 'entry' into the world of content creation can be something as simple as just commenting on someone's blog.

Folks, it doesn't get any more basic than this lesson. If you want to be taken seriously online, you have to be seen - 'top of mind'. That happens when you post, or when you leave comments.

Not accustomed to blogging? That's cool. Leave a comment on a blog you like. Otherwise, start writing a new blog post!

You have a choice - be the one on the sidelines watch the action, or be the one in the game.

Now let's talk about crypto. (Entering #leofinance mode.)

Current holdings for @threesteps account

Token NameAmount Held YesterdayAmount Held TodayDifference

That's another significant gain in CTP, Hive, and now Leo as well. I really like seeing what happens when curation rewards + continuous effort + compound interest creates. < That's a lot of C's! :D

With that, have a wonderful day. Go start promoting your online business with the new tools you now have in-hand.

That's it! Cya tomorrow. Please reach out to me if you have questions.


P.S. One last item:

I created a 30-day free email course on the #3StepsNoExcuses journey mentioned above, and I'd really like to hear what you think about the content. You can sign up by clicking this link and then confirming your email address. The course lines up with the daily steps, and I'd love to hear your thoughts.


^ Click that button to sign up for my free 30-day ecourse "3 Steps Today to Success".

Also, I've created an account on Hive blockchain called @ threesteps. It's a curation account that upvotes quality content on the blockchain. Mention this account in your post and I'll swing by and take a look. This is a community tool to increase earnings of people who write good content. I will specifically look for and upvote # 3StepsNoExcuses and # 3StepsToday posts first. I upvote quality content, and stake 100% of the Hive, CTP, and #leo this account earns. That way votes from this account increase as fast as possible.

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Keep up your great work Rob, 3 steps closer to your goals each day and getting paid to help other do the same, just win win all the way.

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