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RE: CTP Chat For May 17th, 2021

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What I'm going to accomplish this week:

  • Suck less than last week - confront limiting beliefs and other crap that's bogging me down
  • Join every daily CTP Chat

Plus 1 every day and be better at sunset than at sunrise. I hear where you're coming from on the limiting beliefs. I am challenged with a few of those myself. We need to fill our minds with good stuff and crowd out all the bad

I agree with you garbage in garbage out lol

Words to live by. Stopped watching TV news a few years ago and never looked back.

That is excellent, television is a time eater lol 😂

Exactly right, @mba2020! Thanks for stopping by and commenting. We are in a great place for moving past the things that hold us back. Enjoy your day. 😀

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Always Lisa I will make it a habit 😀

Sounds great, Chris! Me too! 😀

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Fill my mind with good stuff! I like it.

Yeah, that means do our best to stay away from the news, @torrey.ctp! Have a nice weekend.😀

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I started laughing while I was reading your post. I think we all would like to accomplish the same thing. LOL

Glad you liked my goals. I hate mondays.

Stop hating Mondays @torrey.ctp and use it as fuel to suck less than last week 🤪 in all seriousness, Mondays for me is that eraser used on a chalkboard. Erase, regroup and crush this week!

I love the way you put it.
I am going to suck less than I did last week.
Keep up the great work.
By the way you don't suck you are just learning to be better at what you do!

Together we are stronger!

Great goals for this week. Looking forward to your future posts :-)