Learning to Swim: Fun Family Meme Comic

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And so it begins... Swimming!

You can bet I had a blast teaching my son to swim for the first time. Well, it's not really his first time in the water, but I just bought him this sweet swimming armor that really helped him conquer his fear of the water. I've been trying to tell Owen that "you don't let the water control you, you control the water! You have to be able to swim if you want to control the water my boy!"

Comes back with confidence...

So after adventuring treacherous water Owen was a lot more comfortable and began to embrace being Fish-Man!

Learning to Swim

Learning to swim was so much fun today. Owen and I had a blast and I almost wish I got him the vest sooner.

I think it's really helpful for little ones to take small bites of confidence at a time. This vest really helps shorten the learning curve in terms of overcoming his fear of not touching the ground. Owen's new swim toy helped him learn to kick unlike any float I've seen so I'd highly recommend it to parents looking to teach their children to swim.

Pretty soon Owen will be swimming without it, I mean the kids not even two yet and we have plenty of more swim days ahead of us! Who knows, he may well be on his way to becoming the next Micheal Phelps...

I'm so glad to be able to spend this time with Owen. I literally couldn't imagine what it would have been like to miss these precious times, he's such a wonderful and happy little boy too! I hope that he's learning a lot from me and swimming is just going to be one of many things I enjoy doing with my son.

Thanks for stopping by and this might just be the first edition to my Hive Children's Book! Check out that idea here!


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bird-man become fish-man he look like pufferfish lol with all those airbags

dad son relationship is pure like crystal clear water.your child did that because youwere right behind him,he knew no matter what happen you will be always there pick him up,to save him to secure him to teach him.Good wishes for you both :-)

I love it! "I will always be a bird!"


Thanks! That was my favorite one too. I actually say that to him ALL the time!

Nice :) You should start a comic book series featuring him.

Great idea! I need to come up with a tag like "familymeme" or something so I can make a collection. Then our children can meet virtually! hahaha

Nice idea I'm supporter of your work and it's quite amazing to see you enjoy and teaching bird-mand new thing
well I'm looking forward to which man it goon be next

@cryptoknight12, One enters into new Dimension and Reality when they conquer their Fear. Enjoy your time ahead and stay blessed always.

He is so cute!

i love the idea of just pictures with words as the entire blog post