A few 35mm Film shots from my past

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Dear lovers of analog photography, I have searched through my archives and have found some photos I have not published yet. So I will start posting again in our beautiful community.
I will try to add as much information to the shots shown as I can but excuse me if I am not too good with my memory.

So let's get into it.


Actor Mark Mayr and actress Angelina Kamp rehearsing on set of Portaled Episode 1 shot with the Nikon FE2 on expired fuji color film.
the prequel of that movie can be watched on 3speak


@tinty.art shot on revolog colorshift film with Nikon FE2


abstract sculpture in the Vienna winebergs shot on fuji color film and with the Canon T50

click the sandwich if you are hungry!



Thank you for your contribution to the Analog (FILM) Photog community.

I remember this Portaled Episode 1
a lovely story that left a desire to know how it finally ended
thank you for the post

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Thanks for the discovery!

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Ah thank you thats amazing!