Accept Other Directions in Your Life

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A Lyrical Prose
About getting lost and holding on to the things we don't want


Years of sailing in the same direction, suddenly your ship changes direction. It's not you who are too weak to endure. Hey, don't beat yourself on the chest with regret.

Regret and anger are not things you have to do. Just calm down. Even if you get lost, this can be your way of changing your life, even with things you never wanted to do.


If people say life is evil, it's true. But completely untrue. Life must be evil for you, to force you to be strong and succeed at something in the end.

Maybe now you are lost and feel you don't know what to do. People seem to leave you alone in a dark place. Do not give up. Life doesn't leave you in the dark. Life is only testing you to be more creative in the dark.


It doesn't matter what you want for years. This "Now" is about living with what is. Change everything. Adapts to many things.

This is life. Maybe yesterday you wanted to be "that". But now you have to be "this" that you don't like but can lead you to success.

This is life. Not being selfish about your desires will help you more than being selfish and sticking with it just to blame the situation.



There are times when you are crazy about your dreams. There are times when you have to accept circumstances that cannot carry out our former dreams. The life that has changed direction, feels misleading the ship of your life. But your life doesn't end. Some new hopes and dreams will make your ship sail again.

Your ship does not sink as long as your hope remains. Don't stop, okay? You deserve to move on, so far.


These writings are part of a reflection of my daily journeys to face failure and to be grateful for anything to be grateful for.

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Best Regards,
Anggrek Lestari

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A very positive outlook, thank you for this! :)

Stay positive :)

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@anggreklestari La vida diaria es un aprendizaje grande, la percepción juega mucho porque cada quien mira desde su realidad y como lo un trabajo interno para no sentir culpas y aceptar lo que se presenta, cómo manejarlo.

Ser positivos es saber que las cosas van a mejorar aunque en este momento se este pasando por una situación frustrante.