Difficult to Forgive is the Beginning of Life's Difficulties


A Reflection On How We Value Life
Forgiveness is Fundamental to Life

Have you ever thought that all the difficulties in life that you are experiencing or even have experienced only come from one thing, which then affects your whole life?

In the past, I always blamed the universe for being too mean to me and not allowing me to be happy. But nowadays when my way of thinking changes, I never blame life itself if I am at a disadvantage. I will only blame myself and I know the cause of all the difficulties in life only comes from myself.

So in this article, I will discuss a situation that can block the good energies of life. I'm going to talk about is difficult to forgive.

Do You Get Good Things From Unforgiveness?

Life is strange. Sometimes we do things that make us no better. It's like forgiving. Sometimes it is difficult for us to forgive someone because we don't want the person who made a mistake to just forget about the mistake. But what's in it for us? Someone who is at fault forgets us while we keep bad energy and remember things that really don't need to be remembered.

Having difficulty forgiving will only teach you not to accept reality. You will become someone who is difficult to accept the present life and block many beautiful things in life.

Will you get any good if you don't forgive? You have to learn to forgive everything even yourself. There is nothing to blame, not even for the dark pain of your past.

The thing to blame is yourself if you fail to forgive life because that's how life should be. Walking unexpectedly, giving us a lot of pain but at the same time giving us more pain medication if we can accept it all.

Forgiveness is About Kindness to Life


You just won't get any good things out of life if you fail to be kind to life. And forgiveness is the best way to be kind and accept life as it should.

You, we, are just human beings who cannot control life. But we can control how we behave for a better life.

Things that have happened, especially about people who have hurt you, will not be able to be repeated for you to change the solution. It's all over. You have to be willing to think it's all in the past and try to move on.

Forgiveness means setting yourself up to be happy because you have let the past you think is complete and must happen. You don't wonder anymore why it had to be yourself who was hurt and hurt at that time.

When you have forgiven everything even yourself, you make sure that there is new hope and that there will be opportunities for a better future for you. It will make you have great positive energy.

Success in all aspects of your life will slowly be achieved after you have full positive energy within yourself.

Because it is difficult to forgive is the beginning of all difficulties in all aspects of life, so by forgiving is to live life sincerely, be grateful, and become who hopes to be better later.


Best Regards,
Anggrek Lestari

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This is something we don't usually talk about. But the more mature I get and involved with life, the more I feel like we should teach our kids about forgiveness from the very beginning. Like using the correct words, reference from our religion.
It really helps to proceed in life smoothly. I wish I learned some during my teenage!
Loved your writing.

Forgiving is the only solution to freeing yourself. Unlock the chains that bind us and just let go.

Thanks for your words of wisdom!

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I always enjoy your inspiration posts Anggrek. Yes, it’s hard sometimes to forgive people who have wronged you but it is necessary for your own happiness.

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