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RE: Ayahuasca 🌱 The Experience to Healing Your Soul

I've never had Ayahuasca but I've taken a lot of mushrooms and the trip and some of the ritual/ cultural contexts that they are traditionally used in are said to be rather similar. I would imagine that the ritual setting adds a lot of "color" and context to the experience but it is not necessary to achieve that "changed" feeling or interpret the event in spiritual terms. It's the intensity, the washing away of the self, and the extreme time distortion that form the forge in which the new self is recast and those things seem to be intrinsic characteristics of the classic psychedelics. I guess the point is that it would be totally worth taking a trip at home or anywhere that it is available if one finds the time and expense of traveling to the jungle to have a ceremony to be prohibitive. That being said, I bet that experience is absolutely amazing and worth the trouble.


That is true. If someone is already completely in touch with or has a certain affinity for spirituality, the freeing effect should ultimately be the same. Although the ceremony probably does at that extra indescribable vibe to it.

I plan on doing both ways, if the opportunities ever present themselves, and most importantly with someone I trust by my side.

Thank you for your insight and experience on the topic, very helpful. 👊