Journey of mind from problem to solution

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Understand how our mind works and how the Law of Attraction can be used in our life, then we can start attracting the things we want to experience or attain as well as those negative We can get rid of things that we do not want.

The time that is going on now, it is not going to last long, we will overcome it soon. This thinking will help you get out of your problems. How to make the mind powerful in these conditions.

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  • Be aware of the Actions and there results-:

Rule is such a powerful way that will bring to you what you think or feel. What you are feeling in your life, which we call Vibration in our language, is very important, because it is the emotion that produces an action. When you feel this and are attuned to your balancing, you will feel that you can make changes in your vibration field, which will produce the results that you want. You will be able to change your life in a way.

  • Change the Mindset-:

Whenever you find yourself stressed, try to take your mindset somewhere else by reminding yourself that these feelings and experiences are not what I want, then what do I want? ”Now wait for the answer to come to your mind. If you ask this question with a smile on your face Keep asking, you will get many views and pictures of all things about yourself. Do this several times a day. Especially like this, you find yourself drowning out negative thoughts and feelings. Succeed in overcoming the negativity you were feeling and will soon feel more empowered and hopeful.

  • Focus on your desires and goals -:

Identify exactly what you want, State it clearly in your mind. And then note it in a diary. Write them in the present sentence, so that the subconscious mind is convinced that this is your new reality. For example, if you want to be healthy, write, 'I am grateful to enjoy good health.' Write these statements 11 to 21 times daily. Writing helps in making many new connections in the brain. As you write, you will feel peace. You get it yourself Will assure more of doing.

  • positive association -:

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Read, which help you to have a positive mindset. See things that make you feel good. Spend time with people who discuss pleasant things
And hope for a better future. Avoid talking to people who only discuss problems. Discussing problems or criticizing others more Will bring problems. Instead try to add positive energy to a problem or situation.

● The power in prayer-:

We can pray because there is a lot of power in prayer and positive thinking. Bless everyone who may need help. And if there is something you can do to improve the situation, definitely do share your thoughts with others. The key to happiness and success is to move from a problem-focused mindset to a solution-focused mindset.

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That is a really interesting post. Nice thoughts!! 🤗

Thanks a lot for being here sir really appreciate tour support and encouragement


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A great message, The LOA changes lives and it will bring the Hive Blockchain and its communities to great independence and freedom with the positive nature of these communities!

Thanks a lot sir for your kind words and apprication,


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The power of writing things down and it's effect on willing things into existence can never be underestimated.

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Indeed sir, thanks a lot for being here sir.


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Thanks sir for being here

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