Staying Sane & Stranded Abroad πŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘§β€πŸ‘§ Our Reality In Suriname

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A bit exhausted and frustrated, I was finally able to receive $200 USD after visiting at least 10+ different Western Union locations here in Paramaribo, Suriname. Although it's not enough for rent, I was able to keep my landlords subdued with a portion of this, promising I'll hit the streets again on Monday after lockdown.

With an economy on the brink of full collapse, record flooding, and major cash shortages, we were down to our last few dollars with enough food left for 3-4 days, so I began hitting the streets every day to try and receive a Western Union transfer, the most efficient and practically only way to access funds from my American bank account.

I was unfruitful for 3 days until @faustofraser came to the rescue, who also needed to receive a Western Union transfer. He picked me in a car so we could cover ground faster than me on a bicycle fighting knee-deep floodwaters with strong currents. After spending a half a day checking nearly ever WU branch in Paramaribo, we quickly realized this country is nearly out of cash.

The experience was stressful, and it reminded me how hard the last 2 years has been on my family and I. It feels harder and harder each day to be the silly Dad this family needs right now, because the only thing we seem in control of anymore is our emotional state. I had no inspiration for content when I made this video, just needed to get some things off my chest in a bit of Hive therapy.

Apologies to you Hivers for not being my typical self lately.

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My heart is with you guys, don't know what more I could say to help with this seemingly complicated situation. Being a father with a young child, myself once, I've known a similar pain during tough times, with the feelings of being on the verge of loosing my sanity to the insanity of the world surrounding us.

Tonight, I will meditate very hard on your families plight... and try to direct Angels your way.

You've left me speechless, and apologies for being a little late with responding to my comments. Your words alone are/were enough, but this act of generosity isn't taken lightly. Every little thing counts right now, whether it be positive thoughts and words to somethings as small as 0.5 HIVE. You've also been a very encouraging force when it comes my daughters' blog.

Their blog has recently become a bit inactive due to some parenting issues taking priority over HIVE for a few weeks. But now she's back in the swing and gonna try to be prolific like she was before. Once again, humbled by what you've done, muchas gracias my "shredded" friend. !ENGAGE 40

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Oh man, this is just HORRIBLE!!! I feel for you, and watching this video I was thinking about how I could help you guys. So I went ahead and asked my wife (which I realize I could have done much sooner). I may have mentioned that she is a human rights lawyer, who works mostly with migration issues, so at least she could offer some advice. My initial question to her was if there was a chance you guys could come to Mexico, but she was trying to assess the big picture in order to come up with any good solution anywhere... until we ran into the wall of missing details.

I remember one of your posts where you described your situation in details, and why you could not go to live in the US together, or in Cambodia, but it's been a while since. Anyway, she's still happy to help, but you may not want the whole world to see them here. I tried messaging you but the bee-chat seems to be down. I'll try again later, otherwise I'm also up for discord or other means of communication.

Wow, thanks for the upvotes, but BeeChat seems to be still not working. What's your name on discord? Or is there another way you'd prefer?

Thanks for the efforts you've put into helping us suss out more options. It seems acquiring an EU tourist visa for my family from either the French or Dutch embassies here will open a world of new places we could go to not in the EU. I think this would even be easier than trying to coordinate with the Mexican Embassy in Trinidad to get some tourist visas.

Good vibes to you from here in Suriname. !ENGAGE 90

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Well, I wish I could do more... But whichever country you end up in, I wish you stability so you can concentrate on manifesting awesome things. Hopefully the Dutch or French visa will help you access that stable place. Keeping all my fingers crossed!

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Man, I can’t even begin to understand how you feel but it must be like shit. I’ll tell you one thing though, these times are being extremely challenging to everyone, including myself. It really doesn’t matter whether you have money or not, one way or the other we are all being challenged and tested to the limit. It would seem as if the profecies were true and only those who have worked on their souls will make it. I see in your eyes you’re a strong soul. Don’t worry so much about the cash and the food, you WILL be provided. Staying a source of positive energy and Love to your family will be key.

I will be thinking of you and your family and sending positive vibes, I anxiously hope to see the video when you tell us of how things have started to look better. There’s not much more I can do for you, but I’m sure you’ve witnessed the power of faith many times in your life. This won’t be different, hang in there!

Although quite a hardship, we know we will always have something to eat, mostly because we eat so many local plants here the locals consider inedible. Thanks for the positive vibes, I am sure things appear much worse in the videos than our real situation, mostly because I sit down to record these when I'm in the worst of moods.

Once again, thanks for the positive vibes and encouragement, they are well-received. !ENGAGE 85

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I thought the situation was bad here, but it's nothing compared to your situation. You and you family are so valuable to the world and have so much to offer that it pains me so much to not be able to help in any way. Stop apologizing for making these videos. Your hive friends want you to keep in touch and through doing videos, you may find a solution or someone else may find one for you.

I think you are a hero for doing what you do to protect your family. I'm sure after this horrible storm you will emerge unscathed.

Sending lots of warm thoughts your way.

Well I hope it only makes us stronger, but Pov has some trauma in her past when it comes to food security, so it pains me to see how much more stressful this is on her. In recent good news, I managed to secure a propane tank from a friend who knows a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy. The car showed up at our house, and it felt a bit like a drug deal, almost like I was doing something buying propane. I think the next several weeks are going to get even weirder as CODE PURPLE gets more purpley. Lots of love back at ya, I shall keep ranting. !ENGAGE 50

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Is a sticky situation king. Just hearing you mention the thought of separating the family makes me know how bad things are. But as you said, you will find a way. That is some serious struggles Rasta, makes me feel like I’m in Disney land but burnt out and overworked. Gwaan hold di faith, it’s darkest before the dawn. Don’t give up Rasta. Jah will make a way.

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Wise words, and yes, as you say, I'm sure JAH will make away. JAH has a mystical way of communicating with us, and now I find myself interested in sailing, something I've never cared much for, as I see the ocean as belonging to the ocean creatures. However, this limited freedom of movement has me seriously considering buying a used sailboat, could be a new and interesting chapter of life. Bless up brother. !ENGAGE 35

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Once again, take my vote away! I wish there's anything I can do to help the situation, but we're just not that far behind. Lockdown commenced today and bunch of idiots went for a "go home" trip yesterday. Panic buying everywhere. Food hoarding everywhere.


That's a familiar site, bummer for you my man. It's hard to imagine this kind of behavior has been going on and off for the last year and a half or so. I am most fearful for the increasingly concentrated wealth this pandemic is helping to generate. !ENGAGE 35

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Man... I really feel for you and your family, my friend. If there's any way I can help, let me know.

Stay strong and keep us updated, no matter how difficult it feels.

Like in nature, everything that falls down, will bounce up, one day. You seem to be pretty close to the bottom at the moment, so I am expecting that bounce sooner rather than later.

Much love!

Your opinion of your experience wit CUB Finance was quite helpful. I'm currently waiting on KYC approval for the new Binance.US after being kicked off Binance a while back. It is a bit liberating when upwards seems the only trajectory possible. And now we have propane, so that's a small win. !ENGAGE 35

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Hurray! Onward and upward!

I also, mere days ago, started trying out another DeFi farm on Binance Smart Chain, on The Matic Network. Feel free to reach out to me with any questions my friend.

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Mi amigo @justinparke tienes mucha razΓ³n , a veces la cordura se pierde y mas estando fuera de tu tierra, ojala pudieras ponerle subtΓ­tulos a tus videos en espaΓ±ol, para poder verlos y analizarlos, y que encuentres apoyo entre nosotros en momentos tan difΓ­ciles acΓ‘ en Venezuela tambiΓ©n vivimos desidia y momentos duros, no pierdas la fe y tu inspiraciΓ³n eres una pieza clave en esta comunidad con tus escrituras de comida vegana y de apoyo a esta flota, tanto asΓ­ que fuiste uno de los primeros en mostrar tu apoyo hacia mi persona, un enorme abrazo y como dices tu, pues te cito textualmente tus palabras saludos desde acΓ‘ de a la vuelta de la esquina Venezuela .

Thank you for the kind words. I would love to improve my Spanish so that I could even perhaps speak it a bit in these videos, but I still don't have the confidence yet. I have Cuban neighbors upstairs, and we communicate in a mix of Sranang Tongo and Spanish. If we had more free time, we'd hire our neighbor teach us Spanish every day for an hour.

I will research how to quickly and easily add Spanish subtitles to my videos. Perhaps there is an easy and fast method I don't know about yet. Blessings from my family and I in Suriname to you. !ENGAGE 65

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It is so important that you do this. That you show us your reality. The world has changed, not so much for the better and we need to see the new normals we face. I feel you on so many levels and I'm sending you good thoughts, that's all I can do.

This post is so much of worth because it is the truth. I'm glad that you find some comfort within the Hive community, I can understand why.

Thanks for sharing how you feel.

I am grateful to have you all from various parts of the world receive my worries and troubles here on HIVE. It is a bit of shelter from the storm, it's a safe space from Suriname locals and my Facebook folk, who are mostly family and friends from my highschool farmtown. Needless to say, they're a bit closeminded when it comes to issues like the pickle I am in.

Give thanks for the good vibes and understanding. !ENGAGE 40

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Understand. My way of life is a pain for those closeminded people here as well lol. Mostly I suffer because of that and not the situation per se.

Oh well, try to stay sane and eventually a path will show itself. Your Suriname is my place in Germany and meanwhile I see it as a task for myself to still be at the place I have a dislike for. Too long but I hope once I overcome my disgust with Heidelberg my new path will show up.

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Thinking of you xxx

Thank you, that means a lot. These videos are not my best content, and I have little time right now to engage or even make a proper post with several pictures, so these videos have been a bit of a therapy. If I air my frustrations like this with family or friends off-Hive, I get all kinds of negative backlash.

Just the other day I had to listen my Dad tell me I brought these circumstances on my self, not even understanding the only reason we came abroad so far from Cambodia was to give him and my Mom a chance to come and see us as trouble-free as possible. 10 years in Cambodia didn't land a single visitor, so we made this huge sacrifice to attempt to see my parents in their old age and as a united family. Hearing him talk so recklessly made me realize I need to stop sharing our struggles with non-Hivers.

Hivers know the struggle is real! Hugs from the whole family. !ENGAGE 5

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My heart goes out to you and your family Justin. I know what it's like being stuck somewhere you don't want to be,with no end in sight to change happening.
It will get better for you and I admire your ability to release the pain by making a raw honest post. I think the best way to cope with difficulties is to get it off your chest and vent.

Big warm hugs to you guys. I hope things turn around for you all soon. πŸ€—πŸ’šπŸ™

Thank you for accepting this new and bizarre form of content. It has really been a therapy, especially since I have on friends to here to vent on and friends and family in the USA grew tired of hearing our troubles more than year ago. Luckily my blockchain friends have proven to be the realest friends of during this time. I know I've already mentioned it, but things appear worse in my videos because I usually do the recordings during the moments of strong feelings.

It would be better to wait until I have clear mind to record, but the moment passes once I've calmed down. Thanks for the love, sending it right back from the whole family. Today's mission is to get an electric hotplate so we have a cooking option during the propane shortage. !ENGAGE 40

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As a family, you are going through very difficult times, but I know that you will get ahead, because although everything seems difficult today, tomorrow it will be better, nothing lasts forever. I live in Venezuela and here things are also difficult, I am going to pray for you and your family, I know that later I will know how well things have turned out for you, because everything will soon improve many blessings for you and your family.

Thank you. I know things are tough in Venezuela, and I really think Suriname people could to look to Venezuelan citizens' examples of how to get through this crisis. The most important thing right now would be to implement the acceptance of crypto payments at small shops, especially now that the EUROS and USD are gone. Blesssings from here in Suriname to you up there in Venezuela. I hear things are much better in Guyana, and it could be an opportunity for a better life should we be able to obtain a visa to go there. !ENGAGE 40

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I do not allow anything to negatively affect my sanity,i make sure i do not give those things chance to ruin my sanity.

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Well, in my defense, the video is 15 minutes long, and you commented after only 6 minutes, so I can't imagine you know what these "things" are that my family and I are going through. We are all product of our circumstances, perhaps you have experience being stranded abroad multiple years with only intermittent access to your funds. In my experience those who claim sanity are some of the most unbalanced individuals on Earth. !ENGAGE 5

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Yeah and it is even still happening to me right now,one of these days i will write a post about it..

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Thank you so much for the token,i really appreciate it..

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Yooo, I went back to see if I could find you talking about the situation and found this post. That sounds rough man, I had no idea it was that bad. I do believe a window will open for you if you stay positive, at least as positive as you can. Must be tiring though, you are a soldier and you raised a nice family.

There must be some opportunities in this world that will be better than this, but yo I totally feel you, it's so hard to find them when you are drained past your limit, so no shame in breaking down.

That was real content though, you shared your soul with us, if for no other reason then you needed to or wanted to. That was informative as hell, but I hope I can come up with some kind of idea that will help. If you want help conceptualizing some way to bring crypto adoption in your immediate area, let me know, I think I could help with that.

At least you got some greenery, a nice family and Hive. In the cities, people are living in tiny boxes with no sunlight or fresh air. I'm not saying you can't complain, just saying, try to focus on that until things up a little bit. <3 Be strong. I'm sure you'll figure this out. I'm here if you need to talk.

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