Why is our Coke Fritz?



Hi everyone! I went to a local pub these days and it was so hot outside that I decided to refresh myself with a Coke. Well, there was no classic Coke in the pub but some other sorts of Coke, including Fritz-Kola.

I have tasted Fritz-Kola a long time ago without considering going further with it...but now it came again to my attention. I don't like its taste that much and I was a bit pissed because I couldn't have there an actual Coke, but I decided to stay with the positive parts about this experience. So, I was also curious to re-taste Fritz-Kola and to find out more about it, because I have never really dug into Fritz.

Apparently, Fritz-Kola is made in Germany and many European countries imported it. Having a high dose of caffeine, the drink has the picture of the two founders on it: Lorenz Hampl and Mirco Wiegert.

What was a local German thing in 2003 became some sort of European trend later on. The idea was to make a Coke more natural. Despite its high dose of caffeine, it is considered a healthy vegan Coke because it is made of natural cola nut extract that is known for its naturally rich caffeine.

The company also promotes sustainability, which I found a good thing. Anyway, I am not a fan of Fritz-Kola's taste and I don't drink Coke that often, but when I am into it, I want to taste its original taste as much as possible. Fritz-Kola seems softer for me and even a little bitter as compared with Coca-Cola.

Hope you did find out new things about drinks and who knows...you might want to stay Fritz.



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