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pests have been doing more damage to my herbal plant than good, infact not only are they eating the flowers, they are eating the leaves and almost every part.
In one of my recent posts Here on #naturalmedicine community, i talked about how frustrating this pests have been Attacking my hibiscus tea plant

And I dont want to use chemicals on the herbs as it will be toxic for consumption.

I was able to come about how i can control these pests without necessarily using chemicals, and i was able to make some homemade pesticides.

The use of soapy water and vegetable oil as homemade pesticides.

I was able to come up with these simple & effective method of homemade pesticides

The preparations and method are further explained in the pictures below,






Its a simple method, and not expensive,
Its mixing dish soap with water together with vegetable oil and then spray the plants.

  • however, The soap and oil solution is well shaken well before applied,

How does it work?

This work well on soft body insects such as mites by coating and suffocating them because of their soft bodies

I sprayed deep inside the flowers and I do make sure I spray time to time atleast three times a day, today makes it 2 days and i could see the difference, the pests are no longer present in the flower, i expect the flower and the leaves to sprout out again.

Other homemade method is the alcohol solution, its also an effective method as well.