The natural healing power of Water - why 'water therapy' is important


Here's another natural resources the nature has blessed us with, the water. I can only define water as life, its importance and uses are numerous, every living creatures need water as much as they need air, the plants need water. Water is inhabitants of aquatic animals. As much as water has so many uses, it still bothered me as people tend to overlook its healing power, i know we need water to cook, to bathe, to eat,to drink, infact we can travel through water but there are some more healing benefits of water, which i called water therapy.

  • water makes up about 66% of human body thats three-quarter of body composition and plays a very vital role in how the body functions.
    Though the more we consume water the more it finds its way out through sweat, urination,defecation and so on.
    Its important to constantly hydrate the body with a pure drinking water and there are numerous benefits it gives to the body

I remember while growing up with my grandparents, one thing i noticed is how my grandfather used to put his cup and water closed to the bed and drinks every morning and late nights, i always wonder and ask myself does my grandpa always feel thirsty every minute that makes him drink water every now and then, little did i know that he knows what hes doing and actually did live long before he died, but before then he told me why and how water therapy is essential.

He told me how 2 cows were tied down, one was been fed with food but no water, while the one was given only water but no food, funny enough the one fed with only food and no water died before the one fed with water, infact this one lived much longer.

  • While drinking water, first thing before breakfast seems dificult, its of great importance to the body.

The common water therapy process;

Drinking atleast 1 litre of water, first thing in the morning before breakfast. Reason being that water consist of detoxifying components that helps flush out toxins in the body, constantly taking water as the day progresses, infact in a day atleast 3 litres of water are to be consumed by individuals. Its important, its strange how people got addicted to drinking other liquids apart from water. Water is highly beneficial compared to other drinks

What are the importance of water therapy;

You will be surprised to know that water enhances weight loss, because its aids digestion, for those who don't eat much but drinks more it will help them shed some weight.

Water therapy helps prevent dehydration; often time i heard that the kidney needs enough water to help function properly, urinating, defecating becomes easy when we drink water, the digestive systems becomes very active and one looks so energetic.
You ever wondered when someone is being admit in a clinic, the first thing is to pass on drip to his body this is so because many diseases we have seen today are from dehydration.

Infact when you're tensed drink water to calm your nerves and helps prevent migraine

I hope someone who has not been taking enough water, will change that mindset and engage in a water therapy as its more beneficial than any other liquids.

However, too much water in the body system might dangerous to the body, i always talk about moderation, drink responsibly so that you don't harm yourself


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