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I don't know about you, but I finally felt myself exhale when we entered March this morning...the energy seems somewhat lighter & my energy tank is slowly refueling...

February was quite a month; a trying one, if you will...but going through it made me somehow appreciate this new month even more...

Continuing with last week's topic didn't feel right so I scrapped it & ended up doing this one instead - a new purpose! Have you been feeling a need to redirect or change things in your life path? You're not alone. A lot of us have!

So, if you find yourself in need of a pep talk (yet, a realistic one), look no further. That is probably why I felt fully supported by the Universe as I did this video. An energy transmission was in my heart so I knew it was one to share with you...some interesting things came through as well....

All I can say is March is the beginning to new & better things. So, buckle up...it's going to get crazy (in a good way)...

Grab your favorite beverage & join me here in this message of purpose & clarity...


Today’s Music: Who Knew (Instrumental Version) - Milva

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It was the longest shortest month indeed... :)
Unfortunately, the weather here isn't beautiful as on your side, but March is usually awesome, so it will come... And we will have 2 weeks of Spring... lol... As here, the Summer is like 5 months long, but I don't mind that at all...

I feel that March and upcoming months will be the best ones in the last couple of years! So much stuff is coming, the energy is rising up, and there is no other way than UP!

Thanks for another great Mindful Monday video!!

You are so right - the energy is so much better this month already. I think the change of season helps...we are in the 60's this week (nice spring-like weather) & a fresher perspective helps! I wish we had your summers instead of our winters haha....however, sometimes, I do enjoy the different seasons. A change of pace can be nice.

I KNOW this month is already off to a great start, esp. with the launch of @liotes & things going on in my life. So much good stuff, it's impossible to stay down for long! :) Life truly does go on!

Thanks for your continued support & just being awesome! :) 💚


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I felt strangely hopeful yesterday too... that March 1st was mindful AND a Monday was probably a good omen.

Covid feels like it is ending here in Asia and people are making plans. And interacting and adjusting.

Hope all is well in your world, dear. Mindfulness is always a great beginning to any day.

It is great to see you here! I don't get to be on Twitter as much as I used to be & really enjoyed interacting with you on there. :)

I am glad you are feeling the same way! March definitely has a better energy; lighter in a way. It may be partially due to spring coming soon & life is slowly picking up again....thank goodness. Here in Nevada, it seems to be doing just that!

As long as we keep mindful & positive (in a realistic way), we will push on & manifest what we are focusing on. I hope your month is a wonderful one! :)💚


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I felt some new strength and energy as well, this month I want to grow my hive power so o can post as much as possible

It's so interesting how a lot of us seem to be feeling that way. It's amazing what a change of month can do. Also, we are out of the Mercury Retrograde, which definitely does affect things on some level.

Good luck with your HP! You will grow it for sure, as you engage, curate & post. Each step will help you get that much closer to your goal! :) I am cheering you on.

Thanks for the awesome comment! Take care!💚


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Okay...it's Thursday already and I'm only catching up on your Mindful Monday today...I'm just a little behind schedule...nothing serious...lol.

But all jokes aside...what an awesome message! Absolutely spot-on, and crucial for people to get this message.

Something where I also feel we need to find the balance is...we often keep pushing because we are scared of failure. If we actually take the break (as you recommend in your message), we need to determine whether we just need to change our plan of action, or should we make peace with the idea that the project is not worth pursuing any further?

It is wise (and healthy) to take that break and take a fresh look at things. But it is just as wise to face the facts and stop working on a project if it's just not working for you.

Maybe it's a case of "changing what you can change, letting go of what you can't change, and knowing the difference between the two"...

Thanks for sharing this message with us!

Boy, do I relate to what you said about being behind schedule LOL...I am like that with curating. I love engaging with everyone here, but I am always playing catch up! LOL So, I finally decided to do the majority every other day instead of every day. It seems to work better for some reason lol...

Thank you very much for your kind words & I am glad the topic resonated for you! You really hit it on the head here.

Maybe it's a case of "changing what you can change, letting go of what you can't change, and knowing the difference between the two"...

It's not always easy to do this, but it is necessary when we want to "succeed" in life. Keeping the balance between of self growth & letting go of what no longer serves us is crucial. I think a lot of us do have that small fear of missing out (the dreaded FOMO) or refusing to quit (which can be good until we let it consume us). But once we each figure out what our unique balance is & go from there, things can move more freely.. :)

Again, thank you for watching. It means a lot! :) 💚


Boy, do I relate to what you said about being behind schedule LOL

So glad to hear that I'm not the only one...lol!

Enjoy your day!

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Thank you for the tokens! I appreciate them!

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