Best way to Earn Free Cryptocurrency in 2021

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Best way to Earn Free Cryptocurrency in 2021:

Do you want to earn unlimited free cryptocurrency without any investment? You are in the right place, in this blog I'm going to introduce you to a Blockchain platform form where you can earn unlimited cryptocurrency by doing simple tasks.


What is Hive? :

The Hive is a social media platform that paid money to users for their activities. But there have quite differences between Hive and regular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram e.t.c. The Hive completely builds on Blockchain and it is also known as the most powerful decentralized social media platform in the world of the internet. As a social media platform the Hive ensuring your data security and privacy. Being decentralized Hive is giving you the ultimate freedom of speech.

By this time you are able to understand, how you can earn cryptocurrency from Hive. In Hive, you earn Hive cryptocurrency by doing social media activities.

How to earn Hive Crypto? :

The overall process of earning Hive crypto is as simple as capturing a photo by your smartphone. You just need to know some basic knowledge about how to work on Hive and how the Hive works, that's enough.

At first, you have to create an account for the whole Hive ecosystem. You can create your account from here. Don't forget to store your password in save custody. After signing up just set up your profile. Being a blockchain-based platform the Hive has many interfaces Dapps. Such as @peakd,, @eceny (Mobile application available). You can use anyone for setting up your Hive profile as well as your regular Hive activities.


How to Earn:
  1. Creating blog content by using any kind of Hive interface Dapps.
  2. Creating video content by using @dtube & @threespeak.
  3. By commenting on other user's content.
  4. By curating other user's content.
  5. By playing exciting games such as @splinterlands, @dcitygame, @cryptobrewmaster e.t.c.
  6. Engaging with various community activities.

Rewarding Systems of Hive:

When a content creator creates a blog or vlog content by using any Hive interface application and publish it, other Hive users give their interaction by providing upvote and downvote on this content. The total content reward comes from the total vote value of those Hive users who give an upvote to the content. Hive user's upvote value completely depends on their stacking Hive Power. How many hives you will stake in your Hive wallet the much vote value in USD will increase.

You also can earn huge Hive tokens by upvoting other user's content. You can increase your vote value by doing the powerup Hive token. Powering up HP (Hive Power) is a very simple process because you can claim your reward as a 50% Liquid and 50% HP. If you wanna earn huge from the Hive you can also invest some money in buying some Hive tokens and Powering up them. Cause if your vote value becomes 2 USD you will get 1 USD for curating content. This is the easiest way to earn millions of Hive cryptocurrency.


Earning Hive Tribes Crypto:

For being a blockchain-based platform, the Hive has lots of tribes platforms. By working with those tribe's platforms you can tribes token as well as the Hive token also. Isn't it a fantastic one? No doubt about it.

Let you introduce with some trending tribes platforms of Hive:

  1. @leofinance For LEO Token.
  2. @proofofbrainio For POB Token.
  3. @broadhive-org For BHT Token.
  4. @clicktractprofit For CTP Token.
  5. @palnet For PAL Token.
  6. @creativecoin For CCC Token.
  7. @naturalmedicine For LOTUS Token.

Many more tribe's platforms are built on Hive Blockchain. Besides earning Hive Token you also can earn those tribes token.

I'm working on this platform from the beginning. Here you can check out My Profile. How much I'm earning from Hive per day without investing single money just by investing my valuable time, creativity, knowledge, experiences, and patience.

Without investing a single moment just create an account for the Hive Ecosystem and by making your introduction post start earning Hive Cryptocurrency without investing a single peny.

For more information, you can contact me via Discord.

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Written By: @shadonchandra


A post to be inspired! A lot of things to learn from here, the way you mentioned the other communities, the photos, nice, nice!! Thanks for the lesson on how to make a good post!!

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This is a very informative post man. Any newbie that happens to encounter this article will surely have a lot of questions already answered in the post. Cheers!

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