Buying Some Cakes at BreadBoy Bakery Shop in Banda Aceh

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When we visited Banda Aceh last year, we went to a bakery shop named Bread Boy, which is in the Jambo Tape District, not far from Hermes Mall. At that time, we intended to buy some cakes for souvenir, before returning to Bireuen. This Bread Boy shop looked very attractive and different from other shops around the area. Bread Boy is on the left side of the road when we depart from Darussalam District, it is located in a row with Hermes Mall.


After parking the car in a large enough yard, we entered the Bread Boy Shop. The first impression when we entered it was a clean and comfortable atmosphere, with a pleasant aroma that permeated the room. This shop room is quite spacious, with a stunning interior design.


Then, we walked inside the shop to look at the variants of cakes they sell. My kids were pretty happy to see many types of cakes that are sold there. If possible they wanted to buy all of them.


There were chocolate almond cakes that looked really good. My kids love to eat chocolate, that's why they want to buy all kinds of cakes that have chocolate in them. Yeah, they are just kids.


There were also green cakes. They look like some kind of pandan cake. Unfortunately, I do not see any writing to provide the name of the cake. But, they looked so delicious.


Near the pandan cake, there were a number of other cakes. Everything looked delicious and tasty. However, it’s not wise for us to buy all kinds of cakes though we could do it.



Then we moved to other side to see rolled cakes area closely. There were many variants of rolled cake in the glass cabinet. Some even have a shape that is not rolled, but rectangular. The toppings are different, some are ceres and peanuts, and some cubic-cut chocolate. All of them looked so tasty.


There was also small pieces of chocolate topping. Everything looked very tempting.


Finally, we bought rolled cake which has chocolate ceres topping. My wife decided to buy these one.


After ordering the cakes, we headed toward the cashier table, while waiting for the cake we ordered to be prepared.



Near the cashier's desk, there several awards, business permits, halal certificates, and so on are displayed on the wall. They put everything there to attract buyers to be more convinced on the product sold there.


After waiting for a few minutes, finally the cakes we ordered were ready, then I proceeded to pay them.


The price of a box of rolled cake is IDR 50,000. The price is good enough. After that we’re just leaving to Bireuen Town.


They are looked delicious I am going to buy some from my local bakery too

This looks so yummy!!!

Yeah. Thanks :)

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