Just a cup of tea, and its benefits for health

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I am having four cups of espresso today, and at evening, I just drink a cup of tea. I still tolerate to drink four cups of arabica coffee (espresso) in a day. But yo know, a friend of mine could drink seven cups of espresso a day. I don’t really know how he could be addicted to caffein that much. For me, four cups of espresso is maximal dose. So that, I drink a cup of tea this evening at Kenred Coffee Shop.


We know that someone will have some symptoms of caffein addiction. It could be headache, muscle stiffness, or depressed mood and some other symptoms (we could find them on the picture below). I sometime also feel the symptoms, I am a bit worried of having the withdrawal effect of caffein addiction. It’s probably yes. I’ve got the symptoms already. Lol


I only tolerate to arabica coffee as its caffein level is lower than robusta coffee. Robusta coffee has 2.7% caffein content, whereas Arabica has only about 1.5% caffein.Source. Robusta is stronger than arabica, I’ve got my heartbeat faster (more than 100 time/minutes) when drinking robusta. I really should avoid it. Arabica is okay for me. But today is already four cups of arabica, then I just drink tea.


And you, what coffee do you like most? I live in Gayo Highlands of Aceh Province. Gayo Highlands is a region producing arabica coffee in Sumatra Island of Indonesia. The arabica coffee is called “Gayo Arabica Coffee”. It has heavy body, low acidity, sweet, nutty, fruity, good aroma, long after taste, and for sure, it’s a balance arabica coffee. It’s one of the best arabica coffee in the world. I drink the coffee everyday. But, this evening is a cup of tea, while listening easy pop song on TV at Kenred Coffee Shop, Bener Meriah district of Gayo Highlands.


I think it’s a good idea to drink a cup of tea since there are a lot of benefits of tea, even it contains some caffein as well. According this article, tea has some benefits since it has polyphenols, a kind of anti-oxidant that is very important for preventing chronic disease such as diabetes, heart disease,and cancer. As an internist (internal medicine doctor), I have already had enough knowledge about the important of anti-oxidant. I think, drinking of tea without sugar is good habit to have some anti-oxidant for our health.


How’s your day today? Have you had your coffee or tea? No worries, both coffee or tea have some benefit for our health as long as you drink them not in excessive amount. Both them have caffein content. Drink them just one or two cups a day is okay for our body. However, make sure you are not addicted to caffein unless you may be able to have it everyday.


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