Martabak Durian Samudra Pase, Most Recommended Dish for Durian Lovers

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Most of Southeast Asian people love durian. Durian is most common found in Southeast countries like Indonesia, Thailand, and Malaysia. The latin name of durian is Durio zibethinus. The flesh of durian emit strong smell, that make not everyone like it. Some people will find durian with sweet taste and so delicious to eat. We may eat fresh flesh of durian or when it’s processed into pancake, kolak or martabak.


The durian is so famous in my village. Some regions produce the best taste durian. Here, in Aceh Province, durian from Sawang Subdistrict of North Aceh District is the most well-known durian. The durian farms in Sawang is located in pretty remote area, on hillside of the village. I have been there once to see how the durian trees grow there. I ate some fresh durians in the village under the trees, and I confess that the durians were so delicious with good aroma,sweet and thick flesh.

We could eat the flesh of durian freshly once we open up the fruits. We must be careful when opening it since durian has sharp thick spiked-husk. Watch your hand out when opening it by knife or other sharp tools, not because of cut by knife or sharp tools but spiked-husk that may hurt your fingers.


The durian flesh may be processed for pancake, juice, topping of es teler, jam, martabak and other dishes. I would share with you about famous durian martabak restaurant in Aceh Province: Martabak Durian Samudra Pase.

The durian martabak restaurant is so famous which was founded in 1980. It’s located at Geudong Street No.1, Samudra Subdistrict of North Aceh District.


Martabak is often called the “pancake of Asia”. And durian martabak is an unique varian of martabak. I never found martabak durian in other provinces in Indonesia, even in other countries. Is it Durian Martabak of Samudra Pase the only durian martabak in the world? Probably!

Let’s look at how the durian martabak is made. The dough is prepared as thin as possible. The thinner the better. After the dough is ready, the raw flesh of durian put inside.


And then, the dough is folded to keep durian flesh inside.


Once the dough with durian is ready, then it’s fried on a flat pan.


After several minutes fried, the martabak is almost ready. Is really need to wait until the martabak well fried on both sides.


And these one are ready to serve. The martabaks are already fried, they emit s good aroma.


We ordered four pieces of durian martabak. We were on our seat, then finally our martabak were served on our table. They looked so yummy.


If you love to eat durian, you could imagine how delicious the martabak is. The durian flesh inside is still hot, we need to wait for two or three minutes to let it getting warm and then we may eat the martabak easily. If we just eat it immediately after it’s served, it could hurt our mouth and tongue. We just must be aware about this.


The price of a portion of durian martabak js so cheap. It’s just IDR 10,000 or about $0,7 or only about 5 HIVE (at the current price, $0,134 per HIVE).


So, I highly recommend durian martabak of Samudra Pase restaurant. I believe, it’s really difficult to find durian martabak like this. It’s probably the only durian martabak in the world.


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