Romantic Baboy- Baguio City Philippines

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Romantic Baboy
Unlimited Korean Grill

Samgyeopsal is a form of Korean BBQ which is grilled pork belly accompanied with different kinds of vegetables and sauces. Here in the Philippines, these kinds of restaurants have gained popularity. Let me share with you my experience in eating in this Unlimited Korean grill called Romantic Baboy. Just so you guys know "Baboy" in English means pig.

My colleagues planned to eat here the week before for all of us to bond. My colleague had to reserve tables the day itself. After our duty which ended at 5pm we went straight to the restaurant. It is located at 3 Ignacio Villamor St, Baguio, Benguet.

Before entering the restaurant you have to fill up contact tracing forms where you had to input your personal details and temperature. After filling the up we had to wait for a bit outside while they were preparing the tables.





If you want to avail their eat all you can it costs 499 Php which is around 10.45 USD. You can also opt to order the dishes themselves which is more expensive. We all went there for the unlimited

The Menu

Marinated and flavored meat

Herb Samgyupsal - Herb flavored pork belly
Woo Samgyup - Thin slices of beef brisket
Moksal - Seasoned pork neck
Daepae Samgyupsal- Thin slice of pork belly
Romantic Bulgogi - Sweet marinated Korean style beef
Yangnum Galbi - Marinated pork ribs
Curry Beef - Thin slices of beef in curry sauce
Spicy Beef - Thin slices of beef in spicy sauce

Side Dishes

Stir fried Fish Cake
Pickled Korean Radish
Scallion Salad
Korean Popcorn Chicken

There's also unlimited rice egg, cheese, and lettuce.



As soon as we entered this was the setup of our table, all the side dishes were around the grill. We were 9 who went there and we asked if 4 of us could stay at one table but they explained that if we do that they might get caught and fined because of social distancing, So we ended up sitting 2 per table.
These were the sauces that you could use as a dip when eating. They are Ssamjang sauce, Sesame Oil, Chili Sauce and I wasn't sure what the last one was but it was sweet.
The staff asked us what platters do we want to order and we were only allotted 2 at a time. The first thing that we got was the WOO Samgyup or the beef brisket.
This was the Curry Beef.

Here comes the fun part which was the grilling part. You should keep your eyes on the food or else there's a chance that it would burn. If you look at the side, there's the cheese and egg which was being cooked. The fun part was dipping the meat on the melted cheese. I wasn't able to take as many photos because I was shy with my colleagues. But the food here tasted really delicious. My favorite was the WOO Samgyupsal of the beef brisket. I just like my beef plain.

My experience here was great, the staff is really accommodating. If you ask for something they would immediately go and give it to you. You can also ask them to replace the platter in the grill if ever it gets too burnt up from cooking the meat. One thing that I love about this place is the vacuum thing that would suck up all the smoke from the grill so you wouldn't smell like smoke after eating in this place.

It's was really fun to bond with my other colleagues.




Thanks for reading and Stay safe always!

The photos used in this post are owned by me .




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Napaka catchy ng name resto nila...bakit kaya romatic baboy pinangalan nila?

Oo nga po. Hehe ang cute rin ng symbol nila.

Pero mapapakain ka talaga dito sa restaurant na into.

That looks absolutely delicious! I can understand about not taking many pictures, but, you really got some great ones! That is too bad that there were only two to a table, but, I know you are grateful that you can go to a sit-down place to eat after the long quarantine. I haven't been out to one yet.

The price is quite reasonable for an all you can eat and the variety was pretty nice. I love how they set out all the sauces making it easier to access.

I love coming with you when you bring us places. Your posts are always first-rate, with awesome pictures and a well-written commentary! I appreciate your efforts. I sent a little something extra to your wallet for such an awesome post.

I want to thank you for taking the time and effort to post in the #MarketFriday challenge. It is wonderful to see new faces and many of the same faces every week. It has been interesting to see the different cultures surrounding this weekly event. Different cultures. I will always be fascinated by it.

I am sure it is a challenge to try to submit something fresh, or different and I understand not wanting to go into crowded spaces. It is outright crazy that #MarketFriday has survived the pandemic. I just think it is the can-do attitude of all the people. Thank you! Through all of this, we have discovered that we have added a new dimension to the tag. As many have been staying closer to home, we have also discovered more and more about each other, and that has been pretty nice. I have to admit, with the platform broken into different communities and tags, we get to see the same people, more or less that join every week, so we get to know each other a little bit. The challenge points out our differences, but, then, it also shows many things our cultures share. When the day is done, it shows off how human we all are and how we basically all care about our families and others. We embrace each other as humans.
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I truly had fun eating in this place. I also usually don't go out but my colleagues asked me to so we could go bond.

This restaurant is really amazing and organized. But the best thing here is their service. They don't delay whenever we asked for the cut of meat that we want.

Thank you so much for sending that to me. It's inspiring me more to make these kinds of posts.

Keep safe always!

You truly deserved that and more for the quality of the posts that you create. I truly enjoy reading them. They are such a delight to dive into!

Have a great week and yes!!! Stay safe!