in Foodies Bee Hivelast month (edited)

Filmed and edited by @k-banti

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Hello everyone, yesterday I had a hive meet up with @josediccus and @k-banti at Papiees Meatro in yaba. It was a very interesting meet up where we talked about our Hive experiences and many other topics though, this post is not about that but about sharing you our experiences with the food and the location where we decided to meet.

The video above is a Food Vlog in which we review the food we bought at the location. You should check it out 😊


Above is a picture of the restaurant.. You can find them on IG through the link: https://instagram.com/papieesmeatro?igshid=wsn0r3pzcytf

Now I present the tasty food we ordered with their prices.


On the table above is a firewood jollof rice, coleslaw, chicken peppersoup with potatoes while drinks are mango mad, yoghurt, Virgin Strawberry Daiquiri, table water, 5 Alive pulpy.



The pictures above is Firewood Jollof rice with chicken. It is called firewood jollof rice because it is cooked with firewood. The price of this dish cost about $3 while the chicken included added an extra $2.4. So we paid a total of $5.4 for this meal.


Here is a bowl of chicken peppersoup with sliced potatoes. It cost only $5 and it was more satisfying than the firewood jollof rice.




Now, the pictures above is what they called coleslaw. It tastes very much like salad to me but taste a little more awesome. It cost for only $1.





Now, the drinks we have above is the Mango mad which is the yellow looking drink on the hands of @josediccus. It costs only $4.

The Virgin strawberry Daiquiri is the one in the red cup. It costs only $4 too.

There is also the 5 alive pulpy on the table. It costs only $1.2 over here.


We also have the the yoghurt which is the small white container with a black cover on the table. It costs only $2

Lastly, is the table waters which cost for only 40 cents.

Below is a picture of our bill in naira...


All in all, we really had a nice time. Below are some pictures we took together during our meet up.









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newbies initiative archivo09.jpg
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All illustrations made by @tripode in Adobe Illustrator.

All images are mine except indicated otherwise






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I LOVED ITTTTTTTTT, keep making this videooos, it´s funny hahahahhaa i hope to see more of them.

Smile... I totally wish we can do this often ☺️

You totally should!!

I'm glad you loved it 😋

omo ehh, this kain enjoyment na die oo. I fit chop this food and just die go heaven with no regrets.lmao
this is what you call money well spent with the boys mehn. God when oo😭

Lol.. 'Soon my Son' in God's voice 😀

Don't worry much bro, you sef go soon enjoy this kind thing. Na smalls 😁

Smile you na boss now. All this na smalls for your side...

Wow wow wow, oh boyyyyyyy, see enjoyment naga,this is a great meeting indeed.
See table na😁😁😁
Which to meet you guys some day
ooo 😁😁😁😂😂😂.
Eehhn what of my icecream @josediccus and @starstrings01 🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃, oya two of u should transfer 10HBD for me, let me buy it over here in Akwaibom🤗🤗🤗🤗.
I am waiting oo😎😎😎😎
Don't tell me u don't have I have seen the amount u guys spent in a day, that's my earning on 10 post ooo on hive, so oya start wiring it☺☺☺.
I dey wait ni

Smile.. Don't worry, soon we would get to meet to and have nice time together. Your ice-cream is here, you should come take it.

I have been trying to send the HBD but it is saying transaction failed. I don't know why oh?

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Kaiii ojoro
Which time did u try to send it😂😂😂

Following you and @josediccus for a while; Didn't know you knew each other.

Cool to see you together in a picture.

Hello there? Ahhh we both like in neighbouring states in the same country, so we have been planning this for a while and finally decided to make it happen. Thanks for dropping by.

Hi! I did the same thing. Visited people all over Europe.

Wow that must have been an amazing experience, did you make any videos or blog back when you did?

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I made posts, but I do not want my face on the blockchain.
No pictures :/


... I also went to Berlin, Nuremberg, Hamburg, Amsterdam, Lissabon, Krakow, just to meet Steemians (Who are now Hivers)

Yeah, we only knew ourselves on Hive and this was the first time we met each other. It was a nice meet up.. Thanks so much for your support 😊

You guys look so good and the meals are very affordable, considering how pretty they look. The chicken inside that jollof rice is what I've been craving for a while now. It's dripping sauce like I love it.

Smile.. The bowl itself is full of chicken three times more than what's on the jollof rice. Just that, it is boiled but not fried. All the same, it taste really good 😋.

Thanks Chief ☺... No worry I fit DHL you the chicken when next I go there 😅

wow. it would be such a nice feeling to hang out with you guys. i guess you people enjoyed the food a lot

Thanks a lot, we actually did

haha cool

Hmm, I bet it would be. Yeah bro, we did enjoy the food a lot 😋

Looks like a funny merrt up with yummi food, great photos!!!

Yeah, definitely it was.. Thanks for coming by.

Indeed! It was a great merry time 😋. Thanks for the compliment.

Very nice. That venue looks really cool. Good to see a Hive meetup in Nigeria. Awesome.

Thanks very much.... are you also Nigerian? I noticed the "ADE" in your name.

You could say that. I was born within the boundaries of what is now referred to as "Nigeria", yes :)

Really nice.... So can you speak or understand yoruba? just asking because the name is a yoruba name "ADE"

Yes. Fluently like the people in the villages :)

wow.... Even me in Nigeria cannot speak yoruba fluently... I do not even understand all the words in it but I am trying.... I am a fully fleshed yoruba boy though.

Hahah, yeah that's pretty common. I never lived in the big city for more than a year so I only started learning English at age 9. I think most people are shocked that I even understand any Yoruba at all since I left the country very young.

That's the point... you learnt yoruba when you were very little. The mind of a child is powerful at those early stage as it is easy for them to understand and grasp things younger than when they get older.

My parents actually layed a ban on speaking any language that is not english in the house including yoruba when I was at a very young age. I grew up not even liking the language and now I am forced to try learn how to speak it fluently. It is not an easy thing to do and is quite frustrating.

Ade when are we going to come for your wedding? 😅😅😅😅

Hahahaha. Typical Nigerian comment 😂

Loooool it can be a rhetorical question which you know, you may answer to 🤣🤣

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wow. it would be such a nice feeling to hang out with you guys. i guess you people enjoyed the food a lot

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The bill value looks very similar to what we used to get in India for the same menu. Just one small difference is that in our currency if you remove one zero towards the end of each item's price it would be equivalent to fair value in our currency. :)

Hahaha well I guess a difference in currency

Smile. Means your currency has more value than ours.. The thing is that since it was a restaurant the table waters was quite expensive.

What a nice bar, when I compare it to Berlin/Germany we are almost a developing country. Nigeria has become pretty expensive, Abuja has rents which are crazy. But well, it is always warm and sunny and you will have a great future ahead. Afrika will be the booming continent of the 21s century and you guys look already happy and successful. The food looks sooo delicious

Yeah, things in Nigeria are very expensive now. You seem to know a lot about Nigeria. Are you a Nigerian?

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@starstrings01 @josediccus

No😅 , Im German but in Berlin where I study, there are lots of African people and many African Shops, Food, Products. I was mostly in Conversation with Nigerians and Colleagues from there, I guess the cultures of young Nigerians and Europeans are kind of similar and it sounds strange but I think also the problems are similar. Graduates don't get jobs, high unemployment, many singles when it comes to the higher educated people, not so tech-savvy parents which are like dinosaurs from another world. I mean here in Germany it is more "safe", and even without a job you get a free apartment and ~230000 NGN free to spend but it is all relative - many people are depressed, lonely and so on - it is stuck. And Nigeria already has the social "first world" problems before the economic boom has even begun. I observe it also an investor I guess.

Looks like you would have some Nigerian friends there and maybe, have me as one here on Hive as well.

I thought it would be far better in Germany. My friend was discussing with me to do my masters in Germany. I didn't know there are many Nigerians there.

Free apartment and 230k? Government funded or what?..

No, not many in Germany but Berlin has some "Hotspots". It's a few thousand people. But in university, we have/had many exchange students over the years.

Yes, it is government-funded. Or let's say funded by the people with income (you pay around 50% tax). You get the apartment (which has to have an appropriate size) which should be around 500-600€ in cities like Berlin, which means another 230k-270k directly to the landlord and then you have 230k for food, electricity, whatever. Electricity is around 9k, Internet 9k, going out in a bar costs not much more as you guys paid for your meal. So the normal student life is not that expensive. 230k is also the minimum income for a student job (by law).

This is why many people don't want to work in low-income jobs (it is better not to work). Government money is not a good incentive. The thing is that you are not allowed to work or study when you get government checks. You sit all day long in front of the TV and eat fast food. So it's not universal basic income. You are not allowed to make money. As a student you need, a job. Universities are free, except a fee for stuff like trains, busses and so on. The expensive stuff is healthcare. You pay 55k for health insurance a month. And well when you want a "normal" life with a car and stuff it gets expensive.

What are you doing for your master?

Me too, been wondering oooo 😅😅

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Thanks for the info. I would make sure to use the site in my next travel post

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Thanks for the info, we'll be sure to use it next time.

That's cool. Will give a try on the next one

Boss man, una no go cut soap for me?😫

@osaruese see this men sha

Me, I dey find soap self, I no see. If you see abeg, your boy needs it biko 🙏

Chaiii. See whining 😭

Omo, amazing time out you guys had. Cheers

Yes oh.. Amazing it was. Hopefully, you would join us in the next one.

Yes boss.

Make I come tap grace. 🙌🏽

You are free my brother... tap as much as you want.