From mixing Star Trek with Star Wars to Team Ahsoka

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Hello, Cinephiles!

Took me a while to come up with something to share here so why not share something I'm ashamed of today now that I know a bit more of it...

When I was young I always mixed Star Trek with Star Wars...yep I know it's silly but both have "Stars" in the name!!!

I never got interested or get the Star Wars hype thing or space fiction movies in general...I'm more of a Harry Potter nerd lol

However, with all the Mandalorian thing from a few raving fans around me (thanks @jongolson!), it got me to some kind of FOMO..

When I want to get into a series or movies I like to understand the whole story, so I've been into a Star Wars marathon during the last few months. A good friend of mine borrow his Disney Plus account (shhhhh) and there you can have it sorted into a chronological order which helped me a lot since I didn't know a thing nor an order, especially these series which started somehow in the middle and then went back years later...silly Lucas...

A few days ago I finally got into The Mandalorian series!

And by the title, you may wonder who's my favorite character :)


Like her, I'm a forever Padawan learning the ways of the Hive Force!

Still didn't get into the episode where she comes up on the series (oops, spoiler?), but can't wait to see this Ahsoka!

In the meantime, of course, I'm enjoying Baby Yoda's cuteness!!


Hope to create more posts in this cinephile world or at least engage more, does Anime series count here?

Thank you so much for reading!



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I'm the Trekkie in the photo (on the left)

ahaha That is so cool!
I've been tempted of dressing my little one as a StormTropper one day so maybe there will be a picture to share in the future 😁


We CTP grandmas love to see your pictures! !BBH

Because this is such an awesome post, here is a BBH Tip for you. . Keep up the fantastic work

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I think anime would be counted here but I haven't really been watching it the past few seasons. I am so far behind on my own backlog of anime that it isn't funny but I do keep up with reading manga and reading some of the light/web novels.

Ugh I'm not even keeping up with the manga lol I always preferred watching than reading to be honest..but some anime I might need to read manga like Bleach but even that one I think is unfinished as well on the manga if I recall..which is sad
Hopefully, I get back on some kind of track even if I need just watch one episode a day...normally I want more than one though lolol


I tend not to follow manga as much since I don't like waiting as much. I stopped watching Bleach, Naruto and One Piece a long while ago. They were just way to long to read and watch with the wait times between episodes.

I should probably watch an episode a day to get back into habit but I seem to be reading the translated Web Novels and Light Novels. I tend to find them more interesting to read but none of it really surprises me anymore due to the clichés.

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Until I got older I never appreciated Star Wars or Star Trek either. I am old enough to remember the original Star Trek that was on in the early 1960s. YIKES! As far as Sci fi goes, this is pretty much the extent of what I watch.

I guess the next on the sci fi list would be Star Trek once I catch up all The Mandalorian which will be pretty soon!
All for Dr Spock lol


Yes, Dr. Spock is pretty brilliant! I like Star Trek and Star Wars because to me, for science fiction, they are more accessible. Some of it, well really most of it, is too out there for me. 😀 Thanks for the tokens and some back to you.

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Good Morning and Thank you, @misterengagement! Enjoy your day! 😀

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welcome to the cine tribe :)
I am still waiting for my first post to manifest :)

Thanks! Yeah I'll be trying to come up something different besides reviews, that I suck lol

Hope to see your cine post soon :p


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I don't see why Anime wouldn't fit in here. Attack on titan is such a huge success and talked about.

Yeah, I did saw a few Anime posts around here, but something compelled me to ask lol
Maybe because for some is just cartoons but it's a lot more than that.
I started to watch Attack on Titan but then lost interest and lost track of it. I have a LOT to catch up on the One Piece series...Now that I'm almost catching up on The Mandalorian, I might go back to my Anime series :)


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Being born a science fiction fan this article is awesome. I am so happy you enjoyed your galactic journey. Fun fact When the studio approved the movie nobody thought it was going to be a hit, & that is why George Lucas retained 100% of the merchandising rights. I bet he still chuckles about that lol. If you ever want to talk Star Wars...