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RE: From mixing Star Trek with Star Wars to Team Ahsoka

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I think anime would be counted here but I haven't really been watching it the past few seasons. I am so far behind on my own backlog of anime that it isn't funny but I do keep up with reading manga and reading some of the light/web novels.


Ugh I'm not even keeping up with the manga lol I always preferred watching than reading to be honest..but some anime I might need to read manga like Bleach but even that one I think is unfinished as well on the manga if I recall..which is sad
Hopefully, I get back on some kind of track even if I need just watch one episode a day...normally I want more than one though lolol


I tend not to follow manga as much since I don't like waiting as much. I stopped watching Bleach, Naruto and One Piece a long while ago. They were just way to long to read and watch with the wait times between episodes.

I should probably watch an episode a day to get back into habit but I seem to be reading the translated Web Novels and Light Novels. I tend to find them more interesting to read but none of it really surprises me anymore due to the clichés.

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