Following on Hive - The Underrated Author Strategy

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Following on Hive

Following Hive users is something I only see a small niche of Hive users to understand. What I found most rewarding about Hive is the dedication I've put forth and like anything you don't want to spread yourself too thin.

Personally, I'd love to see more UI front-end development for making following other Hive users more rewarding. We lack that in a significant way and the value of following Hive users is really only known by the niche for this reason, it takes too much work.

That being said, I'd like to explain an author strategy around following other Hive users.

When to Follow

Timing is everything, for every person you follow the goal should be to gain a follower.

So, you don't want to just spam a ton of follow requests to Hive whales hoping to attract their attention. Rather, you may consider commenting on their content and making that comment meaningful.

The Formula

  1. Meaningful Comment + Up-Vote
  2. If you receive meaningful comments back then follow. If not, move on
  3. Upon follow, upvote and/or comment on other posts of follow less than 2 days old

When you receive a comment back that's also meaningful then I think it's the perfect time to follow the targeted account. Upon doing so it is good to up-vote any recent posts less than 2 days old to let them know you're not just an average follower and worthy of a follow yourself.

Curation Strategy

Having a good connection between those you follow and who follow you is healthy but also a key component to this author strategy. Because what I do is review all the posts from my followers, and I don't usually have auto-votes on them because I'd rather time my votes with my comments to make them more noticeable.

I also take this as an opportunity to actually read the people I follow posts. Which I think they appreciate and why they "return the favor". I really don't like to put it this way, but it probably makes more sense to describe it like this but for me, I prefer good comments on my posts over up-votes. Sure, I love the up-votes but I try and put thought into my posts to make them worthy of the up-votes I hope for.


The development of this strategy has actually shifted my mindset around auto-votes.

I know auto-votes are inevitable but more importantly they are practical; however, I think a lot of active Hive users would benefit in a way most are searching for without wasting their HP with auto-votes.

If you are active on Hive and use more than 25% of your HP routinely on auto-votes you're doing it wrong. I think all those people you're auto-voting would value less votes if your vote came with a meaningful comment and you read their content.

At least, I would appreciate that! So if you're following me, thanks for all the comments and up-votes that came with it!

Closing Remarks...

I'm constantly learning from followers of mine to better my hive reputation because I have a lot of ideas that I hope the community will run with one day! Hive engagement is an important part of the experience, so if you're struggling to attract followers you have to first consider whether you're doing your part to earn the attention you seek.

This post is really to thank all the people who've been commenting on my posts and following my blog. I really appreciate the engagement and look forward to learning and sharing my perspective in the days ahead.

Thanks for all the follows, meaningful comments and up-votes friends!

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I think your “When to Follow” formula is well thought out. It is a nice way to reward content creators and commenters who engage well.

Thanks for sharing!

I've done some experimenting and found it works out best statistically. Not saying it works everytime, it works better for more active accounts with quality posts.

For me, it's a win/win strategy. I think we all prefer readers of our content, like I said engagement over all. Applying this logic, I'll definitely be remembering you my friend and I appreciate your comment!

You practice what you preach. Thanks for often stopping by my blog.
I agree with you, following other users is vital!
Great write up 😎

hahaha thanks! I like to support my Hive friends the most!

I like what you said as a formula. You are more than happy to follows someone who interacts and engages with you.

I think a combination of auto upvote and manual upvote is good. A certain portion you auto upvote on some authors posts that you know make good posts and engage with others. You can keep the rest to find new posts to support and connect with new people.

Thank you @cryptoknight12 for sharing this.

I really like the simplistic way you presented the concept of engagement. We have been trying to get new users to engage more on hive but only a few seem to really understand the concept.

Auto-votes, although controversial, is kinda important for getting significant curation rewards. For me, I have no problems with giving out autovotes, as every 12 hours I will go to my "activities" section on peakd and check the autovotes that went through. I will then go and read those posts. This works for me because what i do is, I add authors I know I already enjoy on my autovotes. So I get the curation benefits, and i also do not miss the posts from the people I wanna read.

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This is a very helpful post. I think your strategy makes alot of sense. Thanks for sharing it.

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Great information! I have just come back to find HIVE has replaced STEEM. That is just fine, but now I have to remember what to do. Your post has helped remind me! Thanks.

Personally, I'd love to see more UI front-end development for making following other Hive users more rewarding. We lack that in a significant way and the value of following Hive users is really only known by the niche for this reason, it takes too much work.

I'd like a "front-end" to automatically delegate 1 hive-power to someone when you "follow" them.