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As soon as the infection of Covid spread all over the earth, for the first time people came to know that there is an important cure for this strange disease - to be alone. Since this virus is the thirst of the human body, let alone it, then it will die. But there is no room for loneliness in our lives. As soon as we get sick, first of all we want to seek the sympathy of others, their support, their support. But this virus is such that everyone has to be forced. But restlessness arises in the mind in loneliness, is that why we are afraid of it?

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Let us first see what is loneliness? Osho has described it so beautifully. He says, being able to live alone is the last state of consciousness. You will not be able to live alone as you want, you will have to do spiritual practice. If you want to build Taj Mahal , then it will not be done if you want to. Do meh for that. Being alone is an art, a practice. Will have to learn, will come slowly. Start carefully. Sit silent for a while every day. Look at yourself, look at your mind. By looking at your mind, many of your physical ailments will begin to be cured, because on seeing the mind, the speed of breath will be slow, which is the key to health.

But it is not going to happen in a single day. It will become a matter of becoming. Stop all interruptions outside, start with an hour. Gradually increase the time. Let loneliness take over your consciousness. Can't say what the lifestyle will be like in the coming times. Learn to live with yourself from now on.

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Ek bade he vikiyaat kaavi nee kaha hain ki..

Khali haath aaye the hum khali haath jayenge
Bas pyar ke do meethe bol jhil milayenge
To hans kyun ki duniya ko hai hasana

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Jokes aside. This is something that I think should be taught in school and college. Jitna yaha par academic par zor dete hain utan mental health par bhi dena chahiye.

Sahe kha badd bhai , news channel or newspapers and whatsapp university mai alag he dara dre hai logo ko. Dekh ke bura lagta hai 😐

Asha krta hu ke sab jald he khatam ho jaye bade bhai

This virus taught us a lot of different things.
Being alone and cutting yourself from the present of community is one of them.
But we don’t want to cut us off completely as we still have other means to stay connected, thanks to the technology.
But for sure, our social circle had reduced now
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yes indeed, I have learn a lot of new things in the lockdown and sure the conditions are not that good for everyone indeed. Thanks a lot for being here and regular support sir.


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I think I mastered loneliness.
Just kidding I will be fine.
At least I have this community to engage and stay put.
Did you take the vaccine?
Still thinking about it.

No one wants to be alone exception are always there.
The pandemic sure make us to be alone.
But this sure did something good for someone indeed. But its really hard to survive for someone.

Not yet sir , i have done the registration but our state is out of vaccine 😐⁦🤦🏾‍♂️⁩

Thanks for your support and encouragement sir