T≡sla - interesting meaning behind this awesome brand ...

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I always thought about this logo that the most wealthy person on this planet ( at least declared on the mass media ... 'cause it guess there are some other persons who would like to be the most wealthy ones but in secret) :) #created and became one of the most known around the Globe ...

T≡sla ...

No one was asking maybe what those three lines mean :)

As many of you know, in mathematic, the sign of triple bar ≡ is sometimes used as a simple symbol of identity or either an equivalence relation.

In geometry, it's been used either to show that two figures have the probability of being congruent or that they they are identical.

The main usage i guess, and, especially from T≡sla perspective, it might be used as the triple bar character in Unicode as being the code point U+2261 ≡ IDENTICAL TO

≡ equals identical to


≡/ equals to non identical to ...

In our thematic i think that T≡sla means that this awesome project createdby Elon Musk is written as TESLA, as everyone could see in commercials ... therefore, i guess it represents that T≡sla written with E means that "≡/ equals to non identical to" but being seen in the mirror, the letter E shows that T≡sla it will be something futuristic and non identical to anything from the past and its ancestors.

This idea came to me like the enrgy came through the shadow of the Eiwa Tree that inspired me to create my recently #artworks ...

I simply love those days on which you can receive an idea or more than one ideas to start an create things through your #artworks :)

From a simple time spent in the garden with my family, and this simple #photography through which The Eiwa tree whispered me some unique ideas, i've simply started right away the magic journey of creativity.

WhatsApp Image 2021-04-15 at 18.56.53 (5).jpeg

I think at this moment in time, with all these tings are running in a fast bpm, i shall remain in that state of soul and mind like the character from the following #photo i took with my children ...


Maybe, we shall be prepared for the following years to meet these stages where we will drive this kind of land-speeders like my buddy mandalorian shows us in our photo.

I think that people will not have a shock to drive a space-ship like this one ... maybe even to be suitable for an individual and to be used as a machine to be driven inside the futuristic mega-cities :)


Meanwhile, i will remain to my #art and #music and all my different forms of expressing my #creativity


And, whenever you'll feel like enjoying my #artworks, visit my #blog and my https://luciannagy.com/


I will enter the Portal of my inner Matrix and continue creating ... Maybe, to remain in a sort of a magic land, like the one HP entered with his owl would still be the awesome goal ...

Enjoy your days and maybe soon you'll invest in your own land- speeder made by this awesome T≡sla company ...

Ciao a tutti!