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I've been looking at a couple of charts and reading articles lately. Actually, the articles give the charts more meaning and while price prediction is mostly speculative, there's reason to believe that it isn't all bullshit.

Despite not having any Eth in my portfolio, I've been keenly following the coin's behaviour because if Bitcoin is the daddy, then Ethereum is the mummy. However, the main reason I keep track of the coin is because if there's going to be an alt season, then it will most likely kick off with Ethereum as the forerunner.

Eth chart

Ren 24h chart

Hive 24h chart

Speaking of Ethereum price action, I'm sure you noticed the value of your account on hive took a substantial hit in the past few days. For me, the significance of this is that Hive's behaviour is alligned somewhat to Ethereum's.

It wasn't just limited to Hive though. A number of tokens in my portfolio went the same way with Ethereum. Coins like AAVE, REN, and Vite all did a similar dance in the market.

It's hard to tell whether this recent dump is indicative of some impending bull run but I won't be surprised if it is. In my short experience, I've noticed that whenever many alts start moving in relatively uniform manner, a price surge is around the corner.

I can't say if or when the bull run will kick off. It may take a week, month or even year. All I can say is that you should keep calm and hodl, and most importantly, dump the FUD.

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Tell this to Alessio Rastani, as he thinks ETH should be the market leader. That can only happen during bear markets. In regards of altcoin seasosn it's quite often that ETH leads the way. Sometime DOGE does the job as well. I don't know what happens to HIVE but it looks terrible.

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Fantastic advices men i always say hold on hold on.
tomorrow is the future or maybe the garbage we do not know, hive is our future, the way to the financial freedom
Hold on, hold on i too do not have ETH because it is to expensive man, imagine spend aroun 150 hive per operatión it is crazy man.

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