CN#14 - MyCointainer, Play to Earn with Axis Infinity & Crypto Insurance

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Now you can read and subscribe to my newsletter #14

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I recently started a newsletter where I share my insight into what I worked on during this week. It is a way to stay in touch with me by email without the stress to miss something wonderful!

What I covered this week

You can discover the following elements in this newsletter:

MyCointainer: A platform to invest in staking and masternodes coins.
Axis Infinity: Fight and collect SLP (Small Love Potion).
Crypto insurance: I talk about the importance to have insurance in the DeFi space.

Last word

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Nice newsletter - I really need to start looking into Axis feels like a game you could put some capital upfront to start earning

Don't expect to make a killing, but you can have fun and accumulate the SLP token.