Bitmex Faces Problems - Is it The Reason for Market Decline?

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As shown in the joint court records, BitMEX CEO Arthur Hayes could turn himself in to US experts in Hawaii one month from now.

BitMEX co-owners have been blamed for deliberately neglecting to create, enact, and maintain an AML tax evasion program for the cryptocurrency affiliate exchange.

While Red is effectively captured, the other three Presidents are at large.

Hayes is in Singapore, while according to Dwyer, he is currently on Bermuda Island.

As for the Assistant Attorney General of the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York, he said:

Regarding Hayes, we examined his April 2021 dismissal date in Hawaii.

From that point on, "Hayes" would appear under the steadfast eyes of a certain authority to hear his case.

Hayes gives the impression that he is ready to give in as well and appear under the watchful eye of the judge for now.

He's making the arrangement, or if nothing else as indicated by his attorney, he wants to come to New York.

We are working with the FBI and Border Patrol to obtain traffic approval to allow him to come here.

Mr. Practitioner is the main character, according to the examiners.

We were unable to arrange a willful acquiescence, so we started deportation proceedings against him in Bermuda.

Regardless of the legitimate issues with BitMEX regulators, BitMEX remains the most popular phase of the cryptocurrency exchange.

According to the information, the stage recorded a trading volume that exceeded $ 120 billion during the previous month, double the volume of exchange in the "Kraken" stage.


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