A Fraudulent Project on BSC that Allegedly Hacked and Stole more than $ 30 million

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Just one day after sending the Meerkat Finance project in the "Binance Smart Chain" blockchain project, "Meerkat Finance", the Board of Directors delivered a letter yesterday explaining that programmers have taken more than $ 30 million from their advanced portfolios.

Despite the mission the executives agreed to on the hacking activity, the financial backers see blackmail regarding the pledge designers and accept that they took their money and ran with it.

The executives pledge showed a flaw in the "productive farming" agreement in the mission, enabling a programmer to break into project portfolios, as evidenced by a report provided by The Block.

As noted by the project executives, shortly after the hack, the programmer drained the pledge portfolio, which contained $ 30 million, consisting of 13 million BUSD and 73,000 BNB, worth about $ 17 million.

After the presumed hack, the pledge's Twitter history and website were disconnected and the authors were banned.

This caused many supporters to view the mission as fake and, as such, the biggest misconduct based on the Binance blockchain.

A Binance official stated on Telegram that Binance had researched the project and found out exactly what happened.

Many fans of decentralization are attacking that the Binance blockchain is integrated and restricted by Binance and can switch and repair exchanges.

Fittingly, if it is discovered that the "Meerkat Finance" project has indeed pulled the floor covering from under its financial backers, withdrawing from exchanges may be beneficial to the financial backers who have lost their money.

Since Binance is suffocating this fire, he must also put out many different fires, and most striking is the reaction to allegations that a large number of projects in his foundation are Ethereum plagiarism.

The blockchain-based "musical" was recently closed, after it was proven to be a supposed reproduction of the Ethereum-based mission.


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We might expect many crappy projects that pop on BSC.