A Short Tweet and a New Revolution

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There is no doubt that Bitcoin, especially at the beginning of 2021, has become the talk of news and has become part of the economic news, just like gold.

It seems that the economic map in the world has begun to change and is moving towards digital, and for this ...

It seems that today we have news to talk about, but in a simple way what caused the daily revolution in the Bitcoin world.

It's a little tweet!

In the news booster and in great planning, Bitcoin is trying to maintain its bullish strength.

Earlier today, Elon Musk reported on Twitter that Tesla, an organization with hands-on experience in making electric cars, is starting to take on Bitcoin.

This means that a batch of Tesla cars can be ordered in Bitcoin.

The Bitcoin Pay button appeared on Tesla, as it appeared in the image below:

Additionally, Tesla regulator and CEO Elon Musk said the organization only uses internal programming and directly manages Bitcoin hubs.

He said that Tesla's bitcoin paid would be kept in its unique structure and not be converted into paper money immediately.

He added that Tesla customers will indeed want to pay with Bitcoin outside the US not far from now.

The cost of Bitcoin was affected by the news announced by "Elon Musk", and its value increased from 54 thousand dollars to 56 thousand dollars in the hour of this article.


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You forgot the rest of the tweet which is even more interesting imho : Tesla will HODL the Bitcoins used to pay for a Tesla ! Very Bullish !

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