Defi Project Collects over $ 1 Billion But ......

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The dispatch of the first blockchain blockchain "Fei Labs" this past Saturday has increased the pledge by adding up to 630,000 Ethereum, or $ 1.2 billion.

The "Fei Labs" cipher project was portrayed by a few experts as "the largest transmission in all of DeFi's entire existence."

The agreement for this "Fei Labs" project aims to make obtaining funds in an agreement environment much easier than withdrawing them.

Support has been increased by more than 15,000 Fei individuals, who may rush to get a new Fei deal, which is currently printing fixed currencies linked to the US dollar.

In any case, the current cost of the "FEI" is 88 cents, and twenty hours ago it was $ 1.26.

Much like the DAI stablecoin, Fei’s technology for valuing its stablecoin is based on accounts.

The important thing is that the stabilization strategy, called "PCV", maintains the balance of value by acting as a national automated bank, selling and buying back computerized monetary standards on a case-by-case basis to keep the cost of $ 1 in order.

To make sure the agreement has a way to buy back the coins, it requires some major advanced monetary standards like Ethereum to act as insurance.

This is where the "Fei" project focuses.

If interest in "FEI" advanced money drops and the value drops, the acquired Ethereum will go to buy back the coins to return the FEI value to $ 1.

There are also disincentives to penalize an exchange that exceeds a $ 1 charge.

Nowadays, merchants trying to sell at exorbitant costs will incur heavy expenses.

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Financial Supporters:

Given that he is currently trading massively under his $ 1 share, many brokers mean to sell scary penalties.

This makes the sending conditions positive for the Confederation of Industries while the financial backers are stuck.

Basically, the "FEI" agreement was not designed to anticipate unusual interest "in the beginning".

Financial backers will likely join the agreement and expect quick returns, only to track down the depreciation of the money immediately, and prevent them from selling it.

It is important that the "Fei" project has won projects from many names and enormous institutions in the field of cryptography.

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DeFi projects are full of risks:

With quick returns comes big risks.

Putting resources into decentralized financing (DeFi) projects can be a risky business.

Regardless of whether you see how the agreement works, intensive projects are everywhere.

Your money may be locked in the maze of an unpredictable agreement, or more unfortunately, in fraudsters' possession, as we occasionally deal with stories and information about misrepresentation, so be careful before holding any cash, and moreover, be careful to put in a hard effort exploring the pledge.

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