NFT Explodes and Tweets at Half a Million Dollars

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There has been a great deal of debate recently about NFTs, which many eyewitnesses accept that these unique images will change the ultimate fate of the origins later.

Today, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey tweeted about his historically tweet and sells it as a Non-Exchangeable Token (NFT).

Today, Dorsey posted a tweet that she tracks all the way through to March 2006, according to tweets prepared.

The Tweet is provided by "Dorsey", available for purchase on the Valuables platform.

Hours earlier, the most noteworthy offer was $ 88,888.88 in Ethereum.

The sale continues until Dorsey accepts the bid.

Justin Sun entered the show and made a whopping $ 1,000,000 chunk for his Twitter show, Estavi, who offered $ 600,000, and the offer is still valid until the occasion.

According to "Valuables", a similar tweet will be followed on Twitter, while obtaining it is a computerized authentication of the tweet, an exceptional authentication that has been flagged and checked by its author and its ownership transferred to the person. Who got it.

Customers can view displayed Tweets using Ethereum, where the exchange will take place.

As we noted in the front post, the NFT market is experiencing an unparalleled explosion.


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Jack Dorsey is so clever for doing this auction. I mean it doesn't cost him anything, he has nothing to lose and will make a small fortune out of it. (not like he was lacking $$$)
Also he gets to decide when he accepts the highest bid. Incredibly fortunate situation for him... And it's just because he recognizes the possibilities in NFTs.

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