NFT Legal or Not - New Rumors

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The propaganda about NFTs is stable and will not go away, observers note.

Recently, the SEC commissioner warned financial backers that some NFT offerings could be considered unregistered protections in specific situations.

This was told on an online course last Thursday, where:

The entire idea of ​​NFT should be a non-interchangeable code, so it shouldn't be normal for anything else

Which means it's even more protection averse, except that individuals have an exceptional imagination with the types of NFTs they put out there for purchase.

It's amazing what few people pay for.

I think in light of this imagination, and likewise with all other things, some inquiries should be raised.

NFTs are advanced tokens obtained by the blockchain, and they are usually connected to an image or video recording ...

In the past few days, few NFT tokens have been introduced to be purchased against liberalized monetary scales.

This has raised some legal, ethical and environmental concerns identified with energy use in the Ethereum blockchain, and others have emphasized that NFT tokens may be an appropriate way to launder cash.

Some types of NFT may pose similar types of issues as ICO.

The ICO has been the subject of an investigation by the Securities and Exchange Commission for a long time.

The Securities and Exchange Commission chooses to take a place so that every photograph to be sold through an "ICO" is an unregistered stock, after which the SEC chooses to register claims against the few organizations that have gone through the "ICO".


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