The Challenge on Bitcoin Mining Reaches its Climax

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Bitcoin mining problem has expanded completely and reached another record high after a long period of somewhat slow development.

The benefits of Bitcoin mining reached a record high in March 2021, which means that the Bitcoin Foundation will regularly change itself once like an hour to make the interaction more complex.

The information shows that the bitcoin mining problem has been revisited to 23 trillion, a 5% bounce compared to what was recorded on March 20.

The latest adjustment is the largest by price since January 9, 2021, indicating an increase in rigs and mining equipment.

These signs show that there is an increase in the amount of those going into the mining cycle.

The normal 14-day hash rate on the Bitcoin network has expanded from 156 EH / s on March 20 to what is particularly currently 165 EH / s.

This means that all the diggers who secure the Bitcoin network are working 165 million trillion times on average every second to determine the right solution to mine another square.

9 EH / s has been added to control processing in recent weeks compared to nearly 90,000 newer Bitcoin mining units, for example, the Bitmain AntMiner S19 Pro.

It is important that the cost of Bitcoin mining hardware has expanded fundamentally, and the new hardware has reached several times the pre-order cost recorded in 2020 due to the increased degree of interest and the absence of supply.

Another tool like "AntMiner S19" can vary in cost and change up to $ 10,000!

In February, prospectors expressed appreciation for the slow development of the bitcoin mining problem, which has been greatly diminished by the appreciation of Bitcoin due to a shortage of recently manufactured mining equipment and a delay in transfer.

Many onlookers in the bitcoin mining industry anticipate that the overall hash rate will rise almost entirely in the second quarter as more pre-orders for drillers placed in the latter part of the 1920s begin to appear.


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