Bitcoin New All Time High Soon? Here's Why!

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Hello HODLers,

Here we are finally, tomorrow Coinbase enters the world of traditional finance with the direct listing on Nasdaq on April 14th.

With Coinbase's entry into Nasdaq, the crypto industry goes mainstream, will enjoy a prominent showcase for institutional investors and will have the opportunity to raise additional capitals to finance new blockchain projects.
Coinbase's listing could open a new listing trend on traditional markets of companies operating in the crypto sector: Kraken and Binance, for example,could follow Coinbase on Nasdaq in the coming weeks.

For this reason, I expect big buy volumes on Bitcoin starting from the next few hours, which could lead to a new All Time High. Obviously I'm just reporting info, news and I share my personal idea, none of this is financial or trading advice so do your own researches!

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Hope you're right about the bitcoin ATH!

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