How i did X10 in 2 hours! BabyLitecoin is born!


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Hello HODLers!

It seems clear... after the DeFi and NFT trend, this is the moment of the community-driven token and meme-token. During past days BabyBNB and BabyXRP have been trending, basically they are tokens on the BSC blockchain that provide to holders BNB or XRP rewards.

Yesterday night at 20 UTC, a new BabyToken has been launched with a fair launch: BabyLitecoin (BabyLtc) and i decided to join that project since the first moments because the contract looked safe and the developing team gave me an encouraging impression.

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Twitter source link:

Buying projects at the moment of the launch is such a risky operation, but it can provide amazing rewards and fortunately I did a crazy X10! Look at the chart:

Basically, BabyLitecoin (BabyLtc) is a token on BSC network, that rewards holders with a 3% fee redistribution (total fees: 14% until Feb 28th: 7% liquidity, 3% holders, 4% marketing) + daily and weekly gifts and giveaways in Litecoin (LTC). Yesterday for example, top 10 BabyLtc holders received 0,1 LTC each and I received it! Right now and until 18 UTC, the 15 largest purchases will be rewarded with LTC.

This project has been launched yesterday and developers said on Telegram that we can expect a new website, whitepaper, omnichannel marketing and partnerships with Youtubers, Influencers and so on! This trip has just begun and the marketcap is still very low: 70.000$.

This is the website, but consider that the User Interface will be update soon:

Official Twitter:

Join the Official Telegram Community:

BabyLtc contract: 0xc213119a7212a86dc9465c302910d7f6df4530d0

Like always, this is not a financial advise, so do your own researches.

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