LamboWallet Contest Winners!

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Hello HODLers!

The winners of the LamboWallet Contest have just been awarded on Torum crypto-focused social network with a Moon Lambo to @heruvim78, and a Doge CEO to @cryptoric!

I gotta congratulate with these two HODLers who have had a great intuition in building a portfolio of 5 cryptocurrencies for the month of February.

Here are the two winning players of the LamboWallet Contest:

1st position: @heruvim78: + 198.3% yield in February.

Solana (+ 240%)

Cake (+ 651.1%)

Reef (+ 51.5%)

FARM (+ 35.4%)

Ethereum (+ 13.5%)

2nd position: @cryptoric: + 152.2% yield in February.

Cardano (+ 298.2%)

Binance Coin (+ 460%)

Reef (+ 51.5%)

Celsius (-2.7%)

Ethereum (+ 13.5%).

Congratulations bros, you rock!

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That is motivating
Good luck to all of them