10x My Money With Safemoon (500$ From only 40$)

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At first I want to clarify that this is not a financial advice to buy, but I want to tell you my experience with this currency.

I have been following a lot of currencies on groups, whether on Facebook or Telegram, and I have seen a lot of hype around this currency.

So I decided to start searching for it, and the first thing that came to my mind was to log into their Twitter account. At this time, there were about 23,000 subscribers.

I entered the account again and found about 25 thousand subscribers and saw how the hype around that currency was leading to a great rise.

But not for this reason I bought it:

The main reason why I buy Safemoon is the burning and awarding system.
As you know, every operation takes place, 5% is burned and 5% is distributed to the Hodlers.

So, I told myself why not buy some of them and benefit from the prizes, so I bought about 40 dollars as an experiment, and I wish I bought a larger amount.

From a price of about $ 0.00000090 I buy about 50 million pieces.

And I actually noticed that I added 20 thousand additional coins and then 50 thousand until I got about 200 thousand coins from the distribution system only from Hodl without doing anything.

But after days, the price exploded and doubled, but I do not know why I decided not to sell when I found the price continued to rise until I reached about $ 500 from only $ 40.

Then I decided to sell, in part, I only sold about 30 million coins at a price of about $ 250 and decided to keep 20 million, and I still keep them until now.

In fact, despite the many counterfeit currencies that are being promoted, such as Safebtc, Safeearth, and others, which I unfortunately purchased at the beginning, but to no avail.

However, the Safemoon project is a promising one, as they have achieved so far:

  • Burn 41% of the coins.
  • One million and 200 thousand HOdlers.
  • Listings on more than one platform.
  • Almost half a million followers on Twitter


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By @natalia-irish

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Well congratulations for your profit.

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That's a cool sweet profit you got there!

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congrats on your profit. looks like a very nice profit you get there.
I get in a bit late, ans still down from my initial investment.

They hype is now for such kind of token in BSC, like Mrat, Vancat a bunch of other token starts with Safe,

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Yes I am in with some new tokens hope they could do something

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I am already fell into several rugs on that kind of token, just don't pick the wise one. :)

safeMoon is no doubt the hot point right now.

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