Officially Triple My Staking With CUB


I started my journey with CUB about two months ago and I did not participate in any Defi project before. Only the beginning was with CUB although there were many Defi projects before such as Pancake, Goose and others, but I did not have any previous experience with Defi in general.

With the beginning of this project, I started reading about Decentralized Finance and other projects and what was inside them. The posts here on Leofinance helped me a lot, so I decided to subscribe.

Although I started late about a week after the start of CUBdefi, the ARP was less than the beginning of course, and although I did not start with a large amount, I achieved great success.

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My Experience

I started in CUB-BUSD as I found it to be the highest ARP and I did not know how to deposit, so I used some Pancakce videos and initially tried using Metamask, but then I watched a video to find that depositing and dealing with Trustwallet is much easier.

I started with the steps one by one until I was able to make a deposit in Farm of about 17 CUB.

I decided to Reinvest all I harvest almost every week and not withdraw any profits.

My farm started to grow little by little until it reached about 51 CUB as you can see below.


The secret to growing up

In fact, as I indicated in my previous post and how I achieved 10x with Safemoon and did not sell at 5x or 2x the reason for this is that I set a goal to make it a long-term investment and wait for Safemoon to reach 0.001.

The matter here is the same. I also decided to make CUB Investment in the long term for a year or two, so the profits did not tempt me and I continued to Reinvest all I earn.

Finally, the thing that is annoying to me is restake, especially since I use Farm, not Dens. I do about 4 operations until I return a Cub to the pool, and despite the low Fee, it is a total of $ 2 a bit annoying.
So do you have a solution for me?

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By @natalia-irish

Thank You

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You're doing the exact right thing with the Farm with 4 transactions. The trick is not harvest too frequently: you can kill your gains quickly with 4 transactions.

I'm currently working on a new and improved version of this spreadsheet, but this version should be good enough to get you going.

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