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It seems that we are facing a somewhat volatile market these days, since the beginning of the year began the historical rise of Bitcoin, reaching nearly 58 thousand dollars, and then, as usual, the price began to decline and correct.

But as soon as the price reached 43 thousand dollars, until it rebounded again, this matter was repeated a lot last month, and now this is happening, a decline and rise by a rate ranging from 10 to 15%.

If you had bought bitcoin in every fall and waited for it to go up, you would have doubled your capital or at least 50% of your capital.


If we look at the chart above, we actually find that the price is fluctuating up and down around this blue line, which roughly represents the midpoint of the price fluctuation.
The blue line is priced at $ 47,500, meaning that if you bought from the bottom of the line and sold it, you would make more profits in February.

The same applies to BNB, since it has reached the price of $ 300, and it fluctuates between $ 200 and $ 300.
Also Hive in the recent period fluctuated between 0.27 to 0.3.

What does not motivate us to buy from the bottom?

The truth is despite the large institutional investment in Bitcoin and the purchase of prices of about 50 thousand dollars, which gives some reassurance even if you do not know about technical analysis, but I follow the huge companies and institutions.

But it is not like that, bitcoin rose significantly in a very short period, which is a strange thing that makes you afraid of the scenario of what happened in 2017 when Bitcoin reached 19 thousand dollars and fell to 3 thousand dollars.

The matter here is the same thing, the level of fear increased for everyone when the price of Bitcoin was about 10 thousand dollars from a few months ago. If Bitcoin had fallen to the level before it, it would have fallen to 5 thousand dollars.
Any loss of about 50% of the capital.

But what if it fell from 50 thousand dollars to the level it preceded a few months ago, which is 10 thousand dollars?

I knew the answer ....

This is the dilemma here.

In my opinion, the thing that will restore confidence and balance is that the price remains like this until the middle of the year above 40 thousand dollars, then the momentum will increase significantly and may start afterwards to new highs approaching 100 thousand dollars.


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