Brave, the rising star in the Crypto Industry reaches 5mn DAU !

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Brave: a rising star in the Crypto Industry

Compared to many other cryptocurrencies, Brave managed to have a mainstream working product with a clear and profitable business model.

Over 1,500 ad campaigns delivered since Brave Ads launched one year ago.

Brave and BATs can be used as:

  • Privacy focused web browser
  • Equivalent to Google Chrome in terms of extensions available and fluidity
  • Allows content creators (on Youtube, Twitter...) to be tipped
  • Allows users to earn cryptos (BAT) by simply opting in to some ads
  • Allows companies to reach users who are willing to receive ads (making them more friendly towards the ones they receive imho)

Brave passes 15 million monthly active users and 5 million daily active users

Monthly DAU

I believe BAT is here to stay as it gives a very high return per $ spent in ad campaign as stated in the release: With a CTR (click-through rate) of 9% (90 day platform average), Brave Ads continue to excel, compared to the 2% industry average.

More and more content creators are now using BAT ecosystem to get tips and be paid by fans:

Brave Verified content creators reached nearly 700,000 creators on platforms such as YouTube, Twitter, Twitch, Web sites, Vimeo, and GitHub.

Verified creators sign up to receive BAT, Brave’s built-in token payments, from their Brave-using audience.

I also believe BAT is going to have a real use later on as a real "web currency" as the company will leverage its growing user base. Let's not forget this is a company who gets paid by the Amazon, Apple, HP... of this world to sell ads to us.

Therefore, they do have revenues and could either burn some of the supply with $ earned or give us services (antivirus? movies to download legally online, exclusive events...)

The 1y BAT chart looks much better than for most cryptocurrencies

If you would like to try it out, please consider this link as it will give us referral rewards:

Thank you in advance 😃.

Today, stop giving your money to Google, Mozilla, Apple or Microsoft and download to be paid daily to browse with Brave Internet Browser


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My controversial opinion here @vlemon:

  • Brave is an average browser (can get same privacy guarantees with Chrome + extensions)
  • They're able to get users because they bribe them using the BAT token
  • They haven't revolutionized the ad model, they're just a new middle man between you and ad agencies
  • Their principles will get compromised over time as their BAT warchest depletes and the need for money push them into selling user data like any other browser

On the plus side they're introducing a lot of people to the Ethereum ecosystem which is great.

  ·  28 days ago (edited)

Very good points made.

Brave is an average browser (can get same privacy guarantees with Chrome + extensions)

Agree but it is useful for not so IT savvy users to start with. Not everyone meddles with browser extensions. Just for example, there are only 10 million installs on Chrome for uBlock Origin while there are probably billions of Chrome users.

They're able to get users because they bribe them using the BAT token

Semi-agree. It is a matter of perspective I guess. Ads viewing is opt-in basis and users can choose not to view Ads to earn BAT. In addition, the use of BAT to eventually cut out traditional Ads agencies is also their vision. So can't blame them for executing their vision.

They haven't revolutionized the ad model, they're just a new middle man between you and ad agencies

One step at a time I guess.

Their principles will get compromised over time as their BAT warchest depletes and the need for money push them into selling user data like any other browser

I think this depends on how much BAT appreciate against fiat over time. It can be pretty sustainable if BAT price increases over time so they can spend less BAT to reward users with similar amount in fiat. Also the eventual model in their vision is for advertisers to pay in BAT which in a way creates a self-circulating BAT economy if successful.

Agree on the subsequent point on it potentially being a security. However, this is true for most tokens out there actually.

Full disclosure that I am holding some BAT though 🤣

Thanks for your comment mate, that's the kind of quality stuff I expect from this community,

I am going to repeat myself here but I think we're overlooking legal risks too, as far as I can tell the BAT ICO was a security offering and I expect SEC to bring the hammer down at some point in the future.

If BAT is ever recognized a security than we can all say bye bye to our Brave Rewards and without BAT Brave's just a lower version of Chrome.

I love your comments ! As You are speaking your mind and sharing your opinion even if it does not fit the other person’s narrative 😉.

I mostly agree with your points but:
Couldn’t they just continue to use BAT to not HAVE TO sell user datas ? (This is an advantage versus google).
I would say Brave is mostly equivalent to other browsers since it uses their platforms and might be cut off once it becomes bigger.
Brave is one of the only mass market crypto product available NOW, that is already a positive hehe.
Thanks for the comment !

Good point about BAT but I think there's real regulatory risk here that BAT will be considered a security at some point, when that happens Brave will go checkmate.

I was around when they did their ICO and it was an absolute joke

Agree with you about Brave being good for mainstream exposure though :)

Love the brave browser and BAT token! I’m holding onto as many of them as I can get. I first learned about them through Coinbase earn which was cool. Now I’ve got a few hundred tokens, increasing every day!

They are definitely positioned well in the crypto space.

Have you used or heard of Presearch? I think that one is going to be a solid investment as well. They introduced keyword staking which I think will eventually be a really big deal.

Hello there,

I did not, any links so I can be up to date hehe?

Thanks !

I wrote a post about it here where I explain it and if you sign up, which is free of course, you start with 25 bonus PRE through my referral link.

It is a bit of a grind to earn them if you don't want to invest in them but the most important thing I like about Presearch is that we all do internet searches (Google being the most common and popular) but why not earn Crypto for doing those searches you would normally do anyways? Just stack them tokens!

I could earn more if I searched more but in my daily, not incredibly frequent searches, I've amassed 1,300 PRE tokens. The more you use, the more you earn. There are obviously measures to eliminate bots and spamming such as a daily limit of 8 (I think) PRE tokens you can earn and you can't earn them all in the same session. I don't know the timeframe but if you search too quickly then you get turned off from earning for 24 hours.

My daily habit is to close my browser pages like PeakD and use Presearch to then search for them and open it back up. I think there's a twofold benefit from that; it increases the internet search numbers for things like PeakD so we can rank higher and it earns you some tokens at the same time.

Let me know what you think after reading it!

Cool info, I just started using Brave a few weeks ago and it's pretty sweet! I Feel a little late to the party but better late than never, cool to see its really growing.

I have heard about it a 9 months ago and installed it last month... I could have earned a few dozens $ and probably more in trading haha.

Better late than never 😄

No doubt better late than never, thanks for spreading the word. Hopefully someone out there discovered Brave thanks to you. :)

Nice Brave and BAT review!

They were one of the first tokens (coins) that had a working product with a use case... And the "product" (browser) is one of the best today on the market (if it's not THE BEST), so I believe that BAT will have a major role in the industry...

Yup, they are making money as a company which is impressive and they seem to have a very high growth rate which is very nice to see :).

They could definitely be a Top 10 Crypto in a few months.

I'm not sure about in months, but could happen down the road... year-two...