Chain Games Mainnet is launched - My thoughts on the project

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Hello HODLers !


Chain Games Mainnet just launched and I just wanted to share my thoughts.

This is, as usual, not investment advice and I do not own some at the moment (I might through the TrustSwap airdrop later on).


Distribution of Tokens



The Team


Both of them are also behind Trustswap.

Opportunity & Revenue Model

Chain Games will take a 3% rake on all entry fees on the Chain Network. Of this three percent, 15% of it will be returned automatically to users who have chosen to “stake” their CHAIN tokens in our SmartStaking™ contract, with another one percent being “burned” in our SmartBurning™ contact. This will leave the remaining 84% for the Chain Games company

Well, I like the idea that they would share the bets with stakers, I believe as they already have 25% of the total tokens reserved for the Team, getting in addition 84% of all revenues from Games seems like a stretch.

As an investor you therefore get 50% (as 25% of tokens are for development,marketing) of these 16% meaning 8% of bets !

That is very low for an investor in the cryptoworld.

In addition, their example is quite "optimistic" as no CryptoGame has more than 100 of players per hour.

For example, with 1000 users playing 10 games per hour on the Chain Games Network with an average entry fee of $7.50, Chain Games would enjoy an annual rake of $16.75M USD, with staking pool users being rewarded to the tune of almost $3M USD.

Video of the Gameplay


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Haven't even heard of this but I've been wondering if anything like this exists! Thanks for sharing @tipu curate

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It does, let’s see if it gets traction and bring other games to the platform !

This is just a first thought. I plan to do a bigger video with gameplay and to see what happens after a few weeks

Cheers 🥂