🤗 Have you ever heard of Publish0x? Another way to monetize your content !

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Dear HODLers and Hivers,

I hope that you are doing great !

I wanted to talk to you about a platform for bloggers (mostly Crypto ones) where you can earn cryptocurrencies.

I will keep it simple for this 1st post about Publish0x.


This is not a Crypto nor a Blockchain. This is a simple website where you like, comment and give rewards to articles you like.

These rewards that you give are not mined or validated by witnesses. They have been given to the platform to advertise their own tokens.

The platform just allocate them to the best writers. At the moment they give:

  • DAI Stablecoin
  • Loopring (LRC)
  • Brave Tokens (BAT)

The reader is also paid for curating content.

This is how it looks like


You can choose which percentage to give to the content creator between 20 to 80%.

Someone did the study to find out what pays more (keeping all the rewards for yourself or give them to the writer) and it is mostly equivalent, so be generous ! It won't take some of your rewards away 😂


I did a 42-58% split for fun.

It took me a while to have some followers and more than 10-20 cents per post but this week has been a breakthrough !

Here is my Crypto_Lemon Publish0x Blog


If you would like to try it out, please consider using my referral link: https://www.publish0x.com?a=Jrb2k7DAdW

Comment with your Publish0x and I will drop a follow and tips !

More $$$ means more HIVE to buy !


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If you would like to delegate some HP to our community and support us; we give you back 90% of the curation rewards on a daily basis ! APR > 13% !

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I'm in two minds about publishing my Hive content on other platforms.
In general I'm inclined to be Hive exclusive to help the platform grow from my quality content.

I'm not sure whether relying on tokens from other platforms for advertising is a sustainable model.

Hello 👋 there, I agree with your 1st point BUT publish0x as it is just a website does not compete with HIVE.

Concerning the other point, I actually think the opposite as some Crypto companies could just see this as a marketing tool such as airdrop, contests, giveaways but in a more sustainable way.

And as Publish0x grows in users and views, it will leverage its marketing capabilities.

This is actually something we could consider on HIVE if we had a way to have someone making deals with BAT or LRC...

Interesting. I'll investigate further.

I'm IN as well and following you ;-)

Welcome 🙏 biggest runner 🏃 on Publish0x

I think we as a community can follow each other and tip each others content.

My profile https://www.publish0x.com/@Arindam . Would appreciate a follow and tip to my articles.

I follow you in there already mate ! Going to upvote your l’attesté article btw 😊

haha yes, Mr. crypto we follow each other already. congrats on your recent articles. I have been seeing them on the front page for the past 2-3 days. I always save three tips from my pool and one of them goes to your daily news posts.

Wow 🤩 thanks mate !

I truly do not know how it happened for the daily post a few days ago ! It just started to gain momentum I have been there since May and never had such a good streak.

It is a virtuous circle as you get featured you gain more followers which gets you more probability to be back on the front page again.

I upvote one of your post daily too.

How many votes do we have a day? I figured that you can vote 🗳 someone only once a day. But I do not know how many daily tips I can have

We can tip the same author only once a day and can tip a total of 7-8 times. This is what I think from my usage of past one month.

Yeah, the way publish0x works is if you get featured to front page you gain a lot of followers and then they start tipping you back. Also, you need to figure out when more people are active so we can get more engagement on our articles. Example my articles do relatively good if I post in the morning. By the night most of the users have probably used all their tips so night posts don't do much good.

Indeed, I figured the time of the day was very important.

Thanks for the information on the exact Tip number !

Following you there as well. I'm https://www.publish0x.com/@toofasteddie

followed back.

It is so interesting to learn all the different ways to monetize our content that don't seem to require enormous amounts of views or followers. Thank you for sharing this option.

Yes ! And there are so many different ones nowadays. Hard to follow all of these. We have to « choose » now. 😂

I guess I might just have to cross post....cuz posting different things consistently on different platform's is major brain work for me. Thanks for the update, ive signed up since though, never just posted.

This is what I do as I do not see this as a competing platform imho.

Thanks for sharing this review of Publish0x... I was using it last year from another project that I was running, but I don't know why did I stop... Maybe it's time to take a look again and re-activate the old account...

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Thank you 😊, I truly appreciate it.