🔥 (Re)Discover the AUGUR project before its v2 Launch on July, 28th ! DeFi at its best !

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What is Augur?

Augur is a decentralized oracle and peer to peer protocol for prediction markets. Augur is free, public, open source software, portions of which are licensed under the General Public License (GPL) and portions of which are licensed under the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) license. Augur is a set of smart contracts written in Solidity that can be deployed to the Ethereum blockchain.

Augur is a VERY old Crypto project that has been here for more than 5 years ! It is one of the only predictive market crypto project left which shows a very strong resilience.

They have kept on BUIDLing all along and are still ranked close to 50th in the Top Crypto Market Capitalization.

I tried their v1 but let's face it, it was not consumer oriented. I still liked very much the concept

Below is a quick video presentation (Video from 2015)

Augur is a protocol, freely available for anyone to use however they please. Augur is accessible through a desktop client app, similar to interacting with an Ethereum or Bitcoin node.

Augur v2 Launch on July, 28th


The v2 platform is expected to be more user friendly and to give you much more ease to navigate/bet/forecast.

In addition, I believe they are looking into DeFi and bringing something different to the table. A true oracle platform with consumer focus.

It took them 5 years to build it and now is the time to show their work.

As stated by Jeremy Gardner:

"It incorporates @0xProject for liquidity, @MakerDAO for stablecoins, and @UniswapProtocol."

Alex from 0x protocol even wrote about their integration with Augur (REP). Quite interesting piece on Reddit.


If it is working out, it could bring a new wave of new users to Crypto and DeFi apps !

What does the v2 platform looks like?

I think it looks quite good and easy to use, I cannot wait to try it out and make my first "bet".



If you would like to cruise through the future Augur Platform, click here

Augur v2 Launch & REP Migration Post.

FYI: If you had some REP Tokens you will have to migrate them. You will need to do so in a 60 day forking period.

What is the investment thesis?

I believe this project is different as it showed it is not a short term pump and dump nor a scam as they developed a product for the past 5 years.

In addition, it is quite unique in its platform and what it tries to address. I believe the v2 could bring mass adoption and even if it is already in the top 50-60 Top Crypto Market Cap; it could still double or triple in value if it succeeds.

Of course you will not see the type of gains some of the new DeFi coins have seen (X10-20 in a few weeks) which reminded me of the ICO craziness.

This is my humble opinion and I might be totally wrong. So, DO Your Own Research before making any move. Cheers !

Below is a good analysis on the short term catalysts for Augur

I would like to remind all the readers, this is not financial advice !


Augur FAQ
Augur Whitepaper


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Such a cool application. I love it I hope its easy to use as I haven't tried it yet, I think last time I tried, it had location resttictions. Would check it out when I power up my battery because there's no light at the moment.

I will definitely follow up once it will go live. I truly hope it will work fine and be easy to use.

Cheers 🍻 mate