Unstoppable Domains Tutorial: A tool for mainstream Crypto adoption and against Censorship !

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Hello HODLers and Free Speech lovers,

Unstoppable Domains.JPG

Below is a tutorial / walk-through I made on Unstoppable Domains.

This service allows you to:

  • Secure a .crypto or .zil domain for 20-40$
  • This domain is censorship resistant using IPFS + Blockchain
  • You can link your wallet/adresses to this domain in order to receive cryptocurrencies: Try it by sending Ethereum/BTC/ZIL/BAT to cryptolemon.crypto if you want 😄
  • You can buy and sell domains easily (remember the.com domain bubble?)
  • This is helping mainstream to get into Cryptocurrencies and is protecting us against Censorship

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Find more in the video !


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I have a .crypto domain I have not used it yet, seems pretty clunky and gimmicky and even if you build on it no ones going to find it since these domains aren't recognised by traditional search engines and you have to use blockscan to find sites.

I think its good to reserve a domain name you like, but I don't see this taking off for some time until they get browser and search engine support

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Indeed, for now I just use it to receive cryptocurrencies and to reserve the domain. Let's see how this plays out in a few years.

DO you know if you can find these domains through PRE Search Crypto Project maybe?

Unfortunately not, these domains are not ICCAN registered and PRE builds its directory via searches through other search engines so it will exclude these. Since these domains are only on ETH blockscan made by Etherscan is your best bet

That sucks... hopefully it will change later on. Thanks for the info 😉