US COVID19 Update 🤠 - What does it means for Stock and Crypto Markets ? 😣

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Hello there,

This is Crypto Lemon again, still rambling about the ongoing COVID19 situation in the US and the negative impact it might continue to have.

First, as mentioned in many previous posts, US and Europe have been clear that there will not be a national confinement as in March/April.

US economy is still the most important in the world and when it goes south, the rest of the economies (including China) follow.

Therefore, let's look at the US COVID19 Datas

US Daily New Cases

USA Daily New cases.JPG

I do not think I need to comment this graph too much. The 7 day moving average is just increasing very steeply and knowing the incubation period (average of 7 days) and the reopening of the economy: this is only going to get worse.

Now the COVID19 wave has moved to southern states mostly anti-mask / confinement. California seems to be an exception as it was strict on social distancing measures.


California Daily New Cases.JPG

As we can see below cases by town/counties. We see that most of the cases are close to the ocean and in warm places.
I have heard that people in LA did not take the virus seriously and still do not wear masks. I let you look at the results.

California Town daily.JPG


Hospital admissions are growing 7-8% daily for the past 3 days. This can be a NY kind of situation if the growth of new cases does not slow very soon !

Tdxas Daily New Cases.JPG

Texas just announced they were "pausing" the deconfinement" plan and activated the COVID-19 'Overflow'.


Florida Daily New Cases.JPG

On a positive note, some companies exposed to Europe and China are
actually doing better than they expected. Lately SEB (Moulinex, Tefal, Krups brands...) and DE'Lhongi annouced that they expect to be less impacted on Full 2020 year Results.

On the other hand, unemployment claims remain very high in the US and MACYs announced more than 3000 job cuts.

The debate is still one: "V-shape recovery in Q3 or biggest recession and long-term economic damages?"

If you get this right you will know where Cryptos and Stocks are going next: Up or Down 😉.

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I am from India, and we had been in the lockdown period for more than 2 months. We are still in top 5 most infected countries.
I think lockdown should be the last alternative, but it is more important to realize the severity of this disease at individual level.

Total cases: 9,631,118
Total Deaths: 487,478

This is 2020 and human race is attacked with a killer disease which has taken 5lakh lives till now. The data is being updated every second with a wooping more than 2000-6500 deaths/day (This data may vary wrt time)

How serious is that?
If people still not understand the severity, I would call them the enemy of their own families.

Now, I think markets have taken a dip and the situation might get worse. Though I am not an expert but I can observe the market sentiments. Let's not hope so✝️.

You presented a very interesting article. Thank you so much.

Hello there @hash-tag !

Thank you for such a nice comment and big tip ! I truly appreciate it.

We should find another alternative and some countries showed how to deal with the virus without ruining your economy. Unfortunately coutrnies I am talking about (Japan, South-Korea, Germany, Switzerland) have a very strong sense of citizenship and a habit to follow rules.

It does not seem to work out with south of Europe, or my country France. And I am not even talking about US or UK who see the mask as a loss of freedom.

I believe your country handled it well if it was a rich and old country. Unfortunately I believe that as a country if your population is quite young, you should not stop the economy or you will end up with more deaths in the medium term (unemployment, drugs....).

And in the end... emerging economies who did a lock down end up with the COVID19 wave right now, so we destroy the economy and will still have the health crisis.

These are my thoughts, maybe pessimistic but I can see in Europe, if you apply strict simple rules; I am still able to have drinks outside with friends on a summer day :D. Not too bad right?

Cheers !

It can't be more unfortunate than this:

And I am not even talking about US or UK who see the mask as a loss of freedom.

Such a witty remark and it sounds so rubbish that I really get uncomfortable thinking about this, but it is a common consensus among moron. I am in the state of great pity to realize the shallowness of their freedom.

It was my pleasure to visit your profile. I am looking forward to read more content.

Keep sharing✊️

Indeed... such an easy way to continue living almost normally and limit covid19 risks on health and the economy.

Thanks 🙏 !

I hope to see you around soon 😉

The effect of this on the economy on individual level is what we can not just fathom. The damage to peoples' life might not be reparable in the next 5 years.

In 1-2 days we'll be at ATH New cases per day in the US...
If the US is not changing the way it handles this virus, things will get really bad for the US and the rest of the world.

Exactly ! Houston and Texas are already overwhelmed and it is not going to get any better soon.

They already halted elective procedures in hospitals and paused the Phase 3 de-confinement

so unfortunate