Hey Santa! Where is my $1000 Airdrop?

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Merry Christmas to everyone!

But I'm still waiting for Santa.

I'm quite over burdened with work this holiday season and don't get time to check the market. But I was expecting Santa today. So I took some time out to greet Santa.

Guess what?


I found out 1INCH token launch and distribution today. 1INCH airdrop to all 1INCH users and LPs goes up to $1200 or more as each 1INCH token is currently priced around $2.

But sadly, when I checked up; I didn't see any claimable tokens in my a/c 🙁.

Looks like something is always going wrong with me. I had not received my BADGER airdrop despite of my eligibility, missed TWT airdrop on Binance ...because HODlers hardly do frequent trading ;p

...and now I don't see any 1INCH!!!

I checked the explorer and found out that I did 2 transactions on 1INCH platform. Both of them were done on 6th October. Okay, I missed the 15th September date by a good margin. But I paid a whopping $206 as transaction fee for those 2 transactions. And this fee itself makes me eligible for this airdrop.

Ah, not transaction fee, they just want total trades of over $20, which I obviously fulfil. Check out their airdrop eligibility conditions in their announcement post here:

I didn't receive any but I hope you all are having some extra fun on Christmas.
If you hadn't already claimed this airdrop, here you can check how to do that:


Oh wait, just got the message that my wallet is eligible:


Although I still don't see, may be, they could rectify it. Dunno, how many tokens I'll get. But looks like I'll get some gift.

Sometimes Santa arrives late, but he sure will come
...just keep your faith strong and sit tight! 🙂


Adults and children alike want to believe in miracles and to receive presents, especially at Christmas time!

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Psst... Santa isn't real

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Yeah, unreal is fancier.
You know what ...I finally got it!🤑😍

Yayyyyy, Santa!!!!!

Congratulations. :)

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Keeps us updated ! It Would be crazy if you did not get it !

Hey, thanks for asking! I finally got that airdrop that day itself. Sadly, I didn't had time to sell those off, so I'm still hodling them. Due to lack of time, I couldn't even use those to participate in liquidity pools. So may be, its value will decrease even further with inflation. Last I heard that 1inch had turned into half ....and was moving to become a quarter inch ...LOL!
I dunno anything about the market these days. Hope it's recovering back. Wishing you a great 2021 ahead!

Oh no ! Sorry to hear this but you never know, it might shoot back up as UNI did 😅.

I also wish you a great 2021 ahead and let's keep ourselves up to date with new exciting projects !