This Social Blockchain Token May Be a Hidden Gem You're Ignoring!

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Hello friends!

In our pursuit to multiply our investment in crypto, we spend a considerable amount of time in search of that hidden gem which is about to launch its flight to moon. Exploring new projects and researching all about it to evaluate its reliability and potential to become our next best investment is a daunting task.

But sometimes we tend to ignore the projects we are well acquainted with and what we can easily comprehend and are already comfortable with its ecosystem.

Yes, you got it! Hive is one such project that could be a great investment opportunity at present level.

But wait, I want to talk about another graphene chain which seems to be quite lucrative to me at this point. Yes, most of us know it and many of us hate it but let's be a little objective in our evaluation. I'm going to talk about Whaleshares.

Oh yes I agree, that shit never picked up in all these years and its tokens were almost worthless. Listed only at Rudex on Bitshares which used to charge hefty service fee amounting to as much as 2000 WLS for a single transaction, hardly anyone was interested in it.

The token prices went so low that running a Witness server became unprofitable at one point and some time back, the chain was struggling to sustain itself in the want of enough Witness servers. Many people left it thinking it's going no where.

But the fact is, chain still survived somehow.

About a month or two back, a pegged WLS token was created on Hive Engine. This brought down withdrawal charges to as low as 1%. This helped revive trading again among the community members. Owing to its centralized nature of code, Whaleshares token WLS couldn't get listed on any centralized Exchange. So it never got the volume and true value it deserved. Hive Engine was the only hope, it seemed.

However, last week Whaleshares announced to open source its platform and invited developers and coders to build and develop the platform together. This is a giant step in right direction which will overcome the bottleneck it was facing all these years.

With community contribution in development, we can soon expect to see several tools and dapps on that chain too. And efforts can be made posible to get some listing in a decent sized crypto Exchanges in the near future.

WLS coin is currently priced at 0.006 HIVE/WLS only. Thus you can get 1 million WLS for just 6000 HIVE at that price (of course, liquidity will be a constraint for that price). But it's damn cheap even if you need to pay a little higher than that!

As far as I understood, current supply for WLS is less than 64 M only. (Have a look, what its blockchain explorer has to convey):


But in the worst case of its prices not picking up from here, even if it maintains at current level, you earn about 35% APR on powering up your WLS. Of course, you will need to make a daily login to their platform to claim this as your daily reward. But it could decrease with increase in staking and activity. Currently only 60% of WLS is staked and not everyone claim their daily rewards.

Whaleshares has a beautiful interface with many changes upon the original Steem fork to make it a unique blockchain of its own. And with open sourcing of its code, the project has opened the doors for its expansion and further innovations. I don't have any idea if they have got any funds and reserves to encourage new development and dapps on it. But I hope they must have got some plans to compete with other chains to invite more users to it.

Yes, now it needs some image makeover to rebrand or repackage itself to the market to present itself as an attractive option. But what's stopping you to invest in it?

What problems do you see with this coin that it can't even 10x from here? (It's only $0.0014 at this moment). Do share your outlook of it.

Looking forward to your input on Whaleshares project.


I believe is a high-risk investment and will not put more on this one.

After being closed source for so many months, why can't it become closed source again?

It is so risky but I think It worth that