Tron 4.0 Launched Successfully With Much Fanfare

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Congratulations to all TRX holders!
Tron 4.0 is here.


In the true Tron fashion, Tron 4.0 received a grand launch. Many prominent figures of the crypto industry participated online in today's Tron Conference - Great Voyage: TRON 4.0 Global Release Online Conference.

Tron also announced the launch of its new single-lettered top tier domain name viz.

In the run up to this launch, Tron also became the 4th blockchain to get its own emoji on Twitter. The other 3 being Bitcoin,'s CRO and Binance.

So what is Tron 4.0 bringing with it?

The single biggest feature of Tron 4.0 is advanced privacy. It has implemented zk-SNARKs on its smart contracts.

Tronz Foundation claims:

This will mark the first time in history where zk-SNARKs will be implemented on a blockchain-powered by smart-contracts.

As we know that zk-SNARKs are what privacy centric blockchain ZCash is based on. However, Tron 4.0 won't make TRX transactions anonymous. But develpers can adopt the shielded transaction feature on Tron 4.0 smart contacts.

Tron 4.0 also makes Multi Party Computartion (MPC) solutions posible on blockchain, for private computing needs.

However, in January Coin Telegraph had reported that both MPC as well as zk-SNARKs implementation appears to be almost entirely copied over from Zcash.

Other features of Tron 4.0 include faster block confirmation times; cross-chain confirmation, and enterprise-grade customized solutions for businesses.

Whatever the controversies regarding code may be, these integration should make the Tron chain more robust , scalable and stable.

So does that mean TRX will moon?

I don't know! I was expecting the run up to Tron 4.0 launch will get TRX to over 500 satoshi but it couldn't even reach 200 sat. And today prices has started to decline but that's not a surpirse as prices declining after the event is a norm in the industry.

However, it may take some time for developers to make some dapps that can take advantage of these privacy features. How they integrate and what use they put it to wil make all the difference. If it helps in making some very useful dapp, price should do better.

What's your take on it?


Nothing exciting from my point of view, just copy others won't help you to have credibility.

But it did make it a top 16 blockchain 🤔

This metric does not mean anything, it is just a number.

Yes, I can uderstand what you feel. But personally, I'm waiting for long to get rid of my TRX holdings as soon as I get some better prices. So silver linings such as these makes me hopeful :)

any idea where to buy ADA, VET, or DOGE ? i think ADA will be on Coinbase soon. The others I don't see on Uniswap. ty

more awesome stuff... any idea where to buy ADA, VET, or DOGE ? i think ADA will be on Coinbase soon. The others I don't see on Uniswap. ty

Dunno what you mean! These coins are listed on many Exchanges. I buy these on Binance or Huobi (never bought DOGE though 😉). You can always check for all the Exchanges a coin is listed at CMC ,CoinGecko etc. places.
Yes, ADA staking will be enabled on Coinbase soon. Buy before that!


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Both ADA & VET has seen huge gains today. Plan your entry accordingly!

yes, they are doing a pullback currently. my said not to go with binance. send me your atomic wallet referral. can you give me 25 words about why atomic wallet is good?

my crypto universe currently involves purchasing via coinbase, some metamask and uniswap, and storage in blockfi,, and CEL network

Well, I appreciate your choice for not having a Binance a/c. Generally, investors don't need to have an a/c or maintain any balance with centralized exchanges. They are good for traders. However, you can consider Binance DEX, if you so wish.

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I love its interface with big fonts that make everything very clear and easy to see for me (my eyesight is weak and need a magnifying lens to read small prints in other apps.

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Thanks I'll take a look at it and share it with my son. I'm kind of lazy so kind of like not having to manage my own private keys,,, but maybe I need to up my game, unsure.