Wanna Earn & Dump UNI Without Losing on Gas?

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Launch of Uniswap's token UNI has taken the DeFi market by storm with about $3 billion in trading volume in just 24 hours. And this is when the Ethereum Network gas fee are at its peak. Many users are not able to participate in this frenzy despite their attempts.

So the whole market is thinking on how to capitalize on it.

Some new platforms have come up with some interesting models to attract more liquidity to them.

Pickle Finance has made provision of specialized jars with its pJar a, pJar b & pJar c.


You can pickle your LP tokens in these jars

Yes, you can put your UNI v2 LP tokens for ETH/DAI, ETH/USDC & ETH/USDT pools into one of these jars and keep earning more LP tokens. What essentially happens is that LP tokens inside pJar 0.69 automatically farm UNI tokens and auto-dump them for more LP tokens. Thus your liquidity keep on increasing with extra LP tokens.

In addition to this, you may also earn PICKLE tokens subject to approval of a pending proposal that seeks to distribute PICKLE to whoever make a deposit into pJar 0.69.

This seems quite a secure bet to make which almost guarantees to not to lose your principal investment. The only major risk you face is that its code is still not audited.

Harvest Finance has also come up with something:


There must be many more such innovative offers around. If you came across some, please do share it with me here.


Personally, I'm not putting up any LP tokens on these platforms. I'm just being curious.


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Wow 😳! Very interesting ! Do you have any idea on UNI farming APR?

Will check this out as I come home on Sunday.

@tipu curate

Not exactly. I expect liquidity to rise in all 4 pools because of UNI yield. It's about 83333 UNI each pool on a daily basis. So you can check the total liquidity in each pool and calculate the APY. Farming already started a couple of hours back.

I'm not going to farm UNI. I've already claimed my airdrop now and would like to sell it before the yield farmers start dumping it. What price point do you suggest?

Just checked up. All pairs are nearing about $300M in liquidity except the DAI-ETH pair which is only around $200M. So this one will be the best bet from the perspective of UNI farming. If it maintains at this level, it should give a yield of around 75% APY (@$5 UNI) ...if I'm calculating it right.

I bet on the Dai-Ether , but i believe that after the dumping UNI will rise again .

Yes @opidia, I think the same. But it will rise after a while, when the hype cools off and volume dies down ...may be after the community gets hold of treasury but perhaps before V3 launch. So there will be some opportunities to re-enter.

I hope so 🌼

Peace. Hope your well. Did you get the uniswap windfall? The 400 free tokens.

I sold out at around $4.

Hi! Thanks for informing. Yes, I claimed UNI and sold a small part yesterday night itself. I'm very happy to receive this airdrop.

And here i find you 🙂
How lucky cool you ve got the ecotrain badge 🌼

Hey @opidia! Nice to see you here 🙂.

...and your visit just reminded me of Torum. I promise, I'll join it before I go to bed tonight 😊

Nice 🙂